Monday, February 20, 2012

Valentine’s Day

Monday the kids had their Valentine’s day parties at school.  They came home full of sugar and Valentine’s.  They had lots of fun ‘playing mailman’ as Will said.

Lindy also had a Valentine’s Day party at her school on Tuesday.  She got more Valentine’s and candy.  Our candy supply definitely got stocked back up this week!  The kids had gymnastics on Tuesday.  Lindy’s hearing aid kept coming out.  It happened about 4 times  so I finally just took it from her.  They always flop but never usually come out.  During circle time they always sit on shapes.  The shapes change with different holidays or fun things going on (pumpkins at Halloween, footballs during Super Bowl week).  This week they had heart shapes.  During the last rotation I noticed Lindy had something going on in the top of her leotard.  She was standing by the wall so I went over and she had stuffed the heart shape down into her leotard.  She is a nut. 

Wednesday was music class.  Drew’s been picking the kids up from music class the last  month or so but I actually got to go this week.  Lindy was into imitating the other little boy in the class.  He was laying down so she thought she should lay down.  We did the last circle dance and we were singing ‘La, la, la, la’ and Will was belting it out.  Everyone was chuckling at him. It was so cute!  It’s so funny that he used to would never do that.  The kids are the oldest in their class and he is definitely much more confident this year.

Thursday morning Will and I had fun hanging out with Katie and Claire.  Katie and I started making the girls a new skirt.  Claire and Will played great together.  We got the skirt started but no where near finished.  Thursday night the kids had choir practice at church.  It was a very quick practice since Miss Anna’a husband was sick at home with kidney stones.  We had rode up to the church with Drew who had a meeting.  His meeting started about the time our practice ended. The kids just ended up playing for 45 minutes in the nursery while we waited on Drew. 

It’s feast or famine around here with pictures.  I’ve barely taken any the last couple weeks and I’ve taken a ton this week.  I’m splitting this post up because of too many pictures.

Heading to the Valentine’s parties at school on MondayDSC_0360Sweet Sassy ThangDSC_0376For Valentine’s Day they got two new games on their ixl’s and a new game for their leap pad.DSC_0382DSC_0383Heart cinnamon rolls on heart plates for breakfast!DSC_0390Sweet picture.DSC_0401Silly, cheesy picture!DSC_0402Ahhhh…DSC_0404DSC_0405DSC_0406Valentine’s Day.  He’s had this shirt 3 years now.   DSC_0407DSC_0409DSC_0411DSC_0415DSC_0425DSC_0427Heart pb&j for lunch!DSC_0428Pictures from gymnastics.  They’ve gotten a ton better!DSC_0436DSC_0439DSC_0446DSC_0448DSC_0452DSC_0459Will built a round house this week.  Trying out new designs.DSC_0460A new do I tried out on my girl.DSC_0463I thought it was adorable!DSC_0464DSC_0468Waiting on me to go outside to enjoy the nice weather we had this week.DSC_0471

DSC_0481Loving the fresh air and swings!DSC_0493DSC_0498DSC_0515DSC_0503DSC_0517Will got the red wagon and started going down the hill again.  He was helping Lindy go down too.  They still love it!DSC_0520DSC_0522

Next post: our weekend with Nana and Papa!

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EmmaVerdona124 said...

hey, since Lindy's hearing aids keeps falling off at gymnastics, consider yourself looking at the ear gear
they also have one that will fit over the FM boots