Monday, February 20, 2012

Nana and Papa Visit and SNOW

Friday night we had Katie, Kris, Micah, and Claire over to celebrate Katie passing her ordination interviews. She’ll be ordained as a UM pastor in June at annual conference. I tried 3 new pinterest recipes and we celebrated with pizza. Then Katie and I went upstairs to finish our skirts we had started earlier in the week. They turned out super cute! The dads and kids played Wii games while we were sewing.

Right after we finished and headed downstairs my parents pulled in the driveway. Mom had a long weekend for President’s Day so they came to visit. The kids were so excited to see them.

Saturday morning we got up and took the kids to gymnastics to make up for the class we missed when they had a dentist appointment a couple weeks ago. Katie and Claire were there as well since Claire missed last week. My parents enjoyed watching the kids and they got to see how Lindy does what she pleases in class! Drew took the kids home for a nap while my parents and I ran a few errands. After the kids woke up we went outside and rode bikes with them because it was so nice. The kids had to show Nana and Papa how they could ride their bikes by themselves now. (Although Lindy needs help steering) Will fell off his bike this time and it did scare him but he got back on. We ended up going for a walk because it was so nice out.

Sunday morning the kids had their first performance at church and it worked out great that my parents were in town. The group did a great job. Will sang proud and loud and Lindy stood still like I asked her too. The only minor mishap was when there were singing about having joy down in their hearts and Lindy lifted her dress to find her heart – and in the process showed her tights and belly to the entire church! That got a good laugh. What are we going to do with that girl?! We ate lunch at home and then Drew and I headed out on a Sunday afternoon date to see a play at the UNC School of the Arts. We watched The Mystery of Edwin Drood. It was put on by the senior class and it was amazing. It’s hard to believe they were only seniors in college. Although they were all amazing, the guy who played the narrator was awesome. Charles Dickins died in the middle of writing this book so there is no real ending. The audience got to pick the ending of the play. How cool is that? It was a really fun show and we had a blast. When we came out of the theatre, it was snowing!!! Finally, our first taste of winter. It snowed all evening until about 10pm. We got 1-2 inches of snow. So strange seeing how on Sat. it was 65F.

We got up this morning (the kids were out of school) and ate breakfast and got the kids ready to play in the snow. We finally got them out and they had a good time. They got to use their snow shovels they got from Santa and they were happy about that. Things went downhill though. I turned around and Lindy was on her knees crying. I thought her hands must be cold. I got her up and she was crying and she threw up a little bit. I took her up to the front porch and she then vomited and got it all over herself. She was drumming up sympathy and acting dramatic but she seemed okay. My parents headed out, back to Ohio, and we came inside. She does have a low grade fever. I knew something was up because she didn’t eat her donuts this morning. That girl never passes up donuts. She was fine the rest of the morning until she fell down and hurt her thumb and started crying and threw up just a tiny bit more. She has something going on but I’m not sure what. I hope it doesn’t turn into a full blown stomach bug. I hope she takes a nap and wakes up feeling better. Will woke up this morning telling me his stomach hurt but then has acted fine ever since. My fingers and toes are crossed hoping we don’t all get sick!!!

Here are pictures from out weekend. 

Riding bikes on Saturday afternoon.DSC_0528DSC_0531DSC_0533Spiffy church outfits on Sunday morning.DSC_0535DSC_0543DSC_0552First Flickers of Faith performance.  Ah-choo at the end of the first song!DSC_0557The whole gang!DSC_0558Here is where things start to go bad.  She is pulling her dress up.DSC_0559See my heart?  And my belly?  Good thing she had tights on!DSC_0560Papa build Will a REALLY tall rocket for Will!  DSC_0565Snowman pancakes since it was finally snowing outside!DSC_0569DSC_0571Checking on the snow with Nana!DSC_0573Papa went and got some snow!DSC_0576DSC_0578Taking a bite of the fresh snow.DSC_0580Lindy dug in, no help needed!DSC_0582Finally able to wear snow shirts!DSC_0583DSC_0587Boxing on the Wii.  DSC_0592DSC_0594Playing in the snow today!DSC_0598DSC_0601Snow angels!DSC_0602DSC_0603DSC_0604Lindy did not want to do it.  Nana had to make her lay down and do it at first and then she finally did it by herself.DSC_0608DSC_0610DSC_0612Throwing snowballs at me!  See the snowball?DSC_0614DSC_0617DSC_0618DSC_0626DSC_0629DSC_0630DSC_0631

We enjoyed the snow while it lasted.  It got up to the mid 40’s this afternoon and the snow is gone! 

We had a blast with Nana and Papa and were sad to see them go.  Will keeps saying he wanted them to stay longer.   Me too!

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