Sunday, January 29, 2012

New Camera!!!

The most exciting news of my week was that I got a whole new camera!  Not just a lens like I was hoping but a whole new camera!!!!!  Tuesday afternoon I finally remembered to call about my camera.  An hour and four people later I was a very happy lady!  My old camera was a Nikon D60 which they don’t make anymore.  I ended up getting a D3100 which is actually nicer than my old camera.  It has a couple more features on it (like video) that my old one didn’t.  Will and I went to hhgregg on Wednesday morning to pick it up.  I walked in, handed them my invoice number, had to pay $44 (the difference) and walked out – in shock that they gave me a brand new camera!  I love it!  It feels so fast. 

Other events of the week include Lindy doing gymnastics in her cast.  She did pretty good too.  The cast has not slowed her down one second.  She kept up with all her friends just like there was no cast on.  She’s done amazing in general with the cast.  She has been so excited about showing it to everyone and all of her teachers have signed it.  In the beginning of the week when someone asked what happened she was telling people she fell.  ha!  I’ve tried telling her it’s stretching her ankle but I’m not sure she gets that.  We’ve done two baths in the kitchen sink this week.  First time I’ve ever had a babe in the kitchen sink!  She did not want to get in at first but as soon as she was in she loved it!  It’s working pretty good though.  I just couldn’t imagine sponge bathing her for two weeks. 

Wednesday I had a March of Dimes meeting and the kids started the spring semester of music class.  Drew picked them up for me and brought them home and put them down for a nap. 

Thursday Lindy went to school but I picked her up at 10am so we could head to ENT and check the fluid in her ears.  If you remember, she had completely flat tympanograms last week at her hearing test, indicating fluid in her ears.  The ENT said yes she had fluid in her ears, but he’s going to give her 6 weeks and see if it clears up.   He said I could keep her on allergy medicine, just to make sure we have that base covered, but he said it was probably from the cold she got a week or two before Christmas.  I took Will with me and he did fine.  I put Lindy in a stroller and Will helped me push the stroller.  Lindy did not want to be riding in that stroller though!  She didn’t care if she was the only one with a cast on her foot.  We left ENT and headed over to audiology and they changed out the battery in Lindy’s FM system.  I’m hoping that solves a few weird issues I keep having with it.  We finally headed home after that and I was ready.  Toting two kids all over a big hospital wore me out!

Thursday evening the kids went back to choir practice.  Will is loving it.  I’m so glad he finally decided to give it a try.  Lindy did better sitting and standing still but only because I basically sat near her and told her when to sit still or stand up.  I hate having to hover but she won’t do it otherwise.  The first week I didn’t hover and wanted to see how she’d do without me.  She was all over the place.  She is learning the words and hand movements which is great but she also needs to learn to stand with the other kids.

Friday night we had dinner with Mike and Janice.  She sent a late email asking if we wanted to join them at Applebee’s.  We had no plans and no food and a gift card there so we said sure.  They came over afterwards to visit awhile longer.  It’s always good to see them. 

Saturday morning we had another one of our babysitters come over, but not to babysit.  Jennifer is in nursing school and she is taking a pediatrics class this semester and she needed to do a developmental test on a kid and she asked if she could use one of the kids.  She came over and used Will as her testing subject. He had a good time playing with her and did really well with everything she asked him.  Her sister Julie came over and helped me entertain Lindy while Jennifer was working with Will. 

Saturday afternoon Grandbob and Suzette came over to the house because they were going to be babysitting for us that night.  Ed and Jamie also came over.  We all ate dinner together and then Drew and I headed out to get some culture.  We went to Mozart’s Birthday Concert at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts.  We have this amazing college in town that does some amazing things and we never go see any of it.  Drew got an Arts Card for Xmas that lets us go to 5 shows this spring.  This was our first show.  Mozart turned 265 years old.  That’s old!  We enjoyed our evening out and enjoyed the music.  I enjoyed watching all the old people sleep.  I’m sure they’d say they were listening to the music with their eyes closed but most of them were totally sleeping!

The only other news is that Lindy seemed to get another cold this weekend.  Friday night she started coughing and having snot.  She didn’t sleep well and ended up in our bed sometime in the early morning.  She was so snotty and had a bad hacking cough all day yesterday.  She couldn’t eat hardly at all.  Everything made her cough, gag, and then eventually she threw up once at lunch.  Lunch and dinner were a no-go for her.  We were a little worried about leaving her with GBob and Suzette but they said she was fine and didn’t start coughing until she laid down to sleep.  Which is normal because all the phlegm starts running down her throat.  She was keeping Will awake so around 10pm we stuck her in our bed and she slept with us.  Except I was having trouble sleeping so we kicked Drew out and he slept on the couch the rest of the night.  Lindy and I slept better after that.  Since she was coughing all night Lindy and I stayed home from church.  Drew took Will and then GBob and Suzette picked him up from Sunday school.  I’m disappointed Lindy has another cold because this will NOT help the fluid in her ears.   uggg.  On a good note though, she has been tons better today.  I started her on Delsym as soon as she started coughing Friday night and so after a couple doses yesterday she is doing tons better today.  She ate lunch and dinner so that’s always good!  She is still coughing but not constantly. 

That’s the news from our house.  Enjoy some pictures from my NEW camera!  Strange thing is I really didn’t take that many with it!

First picture on the new camera.  Jack.DSC_0001Look at these gorgeous children!DSC_0004DSC_0005DSC_0008DSC_0010DSC_0011DSC_0015Lou had the pout going on full force one night.  DSC_0040Not sure at first…DSC_0044but loved it!DSC_0045DSC_0047DSC_0049I forget now what he was eating but I thought his mustache was funny!DSC_0101The only picture I took yesterday.  I never get Suzette in pictures so I’m glad I got this one because it’s a great picture!DSC_0158

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The Buckley Family said...

We've had a cold run thru our house again too and yes, John managed to puke some a few times this week too! I always think of you when he does it, knowing we're not the only ones dealing with it!! Hope everyone's feeling better soon!