Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me and a ‘Special Boot’

Let’s see…Seems like last week was so long ago.  We’ve had a fairly eventful week!

Last Monday the kids didn’t have school because of the MLK holiday, but I don’t remember doing anything of interest. 

Tuesday Lindy had school and then we had gymnastics.  After gymnastics Will rode home with Katie and Claire so I could take Lindy to what I thought would be a routine hearing appointment.  Unfortunately it turned out her ear drums weren’t moving, meaning she has fluid in her ears.  It really irritated me.  Especially since at the pediatrician 5 days before they said her ears looked good.  The first fluid she’d ever had in her ears was last June but it cleared up with allergy medicine.  The ENT told me to keep her on allergy medicine until it got cold, probably October.  We have had a very mild winter so I’ve kept her on it up until about the middle of December when I figured I could surely stop.  So now she has fluid.  She earned a trip to the ENT on Thursday to see what he wants to do.  I’ve for sure started allergy meds again so we’ll see if anything has changed by Thursday.  I’m afraid she’s inching herself closer to tubes.  Which I know aren’t a big deal, but I still would just rather avoid them altogether.  They attempted a hearing test and what they could get did show her hearing was down quite a bit.   So we’ll shall see what happens on Thursday.

Wednesday was one of the most important days of the year – MY BIRTHDAY!  What a great day.  I love birthdays – especially mine.  I turned the big 35 this year.  I’m officially in the mid-30’s.  I had a great day.  The kids told practically everyone at preschool that it was my birthday.  I seriously didn’t prompt them either!  Drew made me lunch, dinner, and a cake!  It was fabulous to have the day off of cooking!  He made a delicious Caesar salad, chicken rolled with mozzarella cheese in a wine sauce and bread.  And my usual cake – chocolate with rainbow chip icing.  My favorite present is probably Just Dance 2 for the Wii!  I love dancing – even if I’m seriously bad!  It’s a good workout!

Thursday night I took the kids to their first children’s choir practice.  The kids got to ring the bells last week in church and Will was so jealous!  I told him if he wants to ring bells that he has to go to practices and he agreed to go.  He did awesome.  He picked the words up to the songs right away.  He had a blast.  Lindy picked up the words to the songs pretty well but as usual she was a wanderer.  We’ll have to work on the wandering.  They both had a lot of fun with Miss Anna and Miss Lisa.

Friday we had a fairly easy and good ophthalmologist appointment.  Short wait and and a good report.  He dilated her eyes to check her prescription.  Last year he measured her at –23.00 and this time he measured her at –19.00.  I don’t really think her eyes are getting better.  I think it’s a fairly subjective test because I’m sure she is moving around a lot.  We aren’t changing her prescription (which is   -21.00).  That’s nice not to  have to get new glasses.  He did say that he’s seen a lot worse eyes than Lindy’s and I think this has shocked him.  I truly think in the NICU that he didn’t even expect her to see.  She is proving him wrong.  He also said that her eyes look about the same but that she totally uses her left eye.  She doesn’t use her right eye unless her left eye is patched and she has to use her right eye.  But then she does fine when her left eye is patched.   He doesn’t know why she mostly uses one eye.  But at least nothing has changed!

Saturday the kids and Drew headed to our neighbor Benjamin’s birthday party while I helped Jamie with a wedding event.  She has started a wedding business Southern Celebrations.  I worked and got paid!  First money I’ve made in awhile!  The kids had fun at the party and playing with someone else’s toys!

Sunday we had church and then we went over to Katie, Kris, Claire and Micah’s house to hang out and eat.  Jamie and Ed were there as well.  It was supper club with kids.  Not a most relaxing supper club but it was last minute.  But we still had a good meal and enjoyed hanging out. 

Today was the big day for Lou Lou.  She got her cast – her special  boot- at 9am this morning.  We got up and she got a good bath – her last good soaking for two weeks!   She objected to sitting in the chair at first but I finally got her in there.  She was okay once we got started.  I had the iPad and she got to watch a show.  She kept telling Jill she was done.  She got to choose any color she wanted and she chose yellow.  I didn’t know she liked yellow but she said today it was her favorite color!  She was actually kind of excited about her special boot when she saw it.  I signed it first and then Jill signed it.  She got down and walked great on it.  We got home and she was so excited to show Drew and Will.  They both signed it and then she wanted to sign it.  ha!  She signed her own cast!  She has done so well with it today.  It’s seriously not slowed her down at all.  At nap time she asked if I could take it off but at bedtime she told me I couldn’t take it off.   When I was leaving her room she told me thank you for getting my special boot and for carving pumpkins!  Ha.  That girl cracks me up!  She has done great around the  house and I suspect she’ll do fine around her classes.  I’m not sure about outside or on the playground but we’ll find out.   She is so excited to show her teachers and get them to sign it.  What a girl.  She’s my hero and it was extra special since she didn’t throw up!!

I still don’t have a camera so here are more bad cell phone pictures.  Although I got awesome news today on the camera front.   I sent it in to get my lens checked on AGAIN and was keeping my fingers crossed that after the 4th time I’d get a new lens.  I found out today I’m getting a WHOLE NEW CAMERA!!!  I’m hopefully picking it up tomorrow!!! 

Sleepy boyIMG_0414Tickling her to wake her up.IMG_0418NOT happy to be awake!IMG_0421My scrumptious birthday dinner!IMG_0426My ghetto fabulous birthday cake.  3 7-2=5.  ha haIMG_0429Me and my sweetieIMG_0434Me and the crazy girl!IMG_0440IMG_0448IMG_0452My camera will catch them sleeping – hence the many sleeping pictures!  haIMG_0453I put Will in her bed and she put her arms around his head.IMG_0455She woke up and asked where we were going.  I said nowhere and she goes, “I don’t want to go to the hospital” and stuck that bottom lip out so far!  IMG_0456Now she’s happy!IMG_0463After her eye doctor’s appointment she was ‘checking Drew’s eyes.’ Even though it appears she is enjoying gouging his eyes out!IMG_0466More Wii this week.IMG_0472A new hair-do for church on Sunday.IMG_0477Cute church dress.IMG_0480Getting the special boot today!IMG_0487Checking it out.IMG_0488Hey, it’s not so bad!IMG_0489IMG_0491Jill (her PT) signing  her cast.IMG_0492Daddy helping Will sign it.  It’s hard to write on a cast!IMG_0493Daddy signing it.IMG_0495Me helping Lindy sign her own cast!IMG_0498The special boot!IMG_0504

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