Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happy Birthday Drew/Daddy!

Well we got back into the swing of reality this week.  Sort of.  I really struggled to get up each morning and to get all the Christmas presents and Christmas decorations put away.  Everything is down now, I just have to pack it up and put it in the attic.  So much fun.  Will has been so sad to see the decorations come down.  He was crushed to see his little Christmas tree leave his room.  I’ve left some snowmen stuff for him.  Now he just keeps asking when it’s going to snow?!

We got home last Friday night and spent all day Saturday unpacking.  Let’s see, New Years Eve was on Saturday night, wasn’t it?  We partied so hard that I don’t remember what we did.  NOT!  The kids got some Wii games for Christmas that we tried out.  They got a dancing game and a Wii Fit game.  They loved both of them.  We danced the night away.  After they went to bed Drew and I played games on the adult Wii Fit.  Drew beat me in every single balance game we did.  Booo.

Sunday we had church and then we had a little birthday get together for Drew, whose birthday was Monday, January 2nd.  Ed and Jamie, Duncan and Meredith, Katie, Kris, Micah, and Claire, and our neighbors Robert, Jasmine, Elia, and Benjamin all came to eat chili and watch football.  I think Drew enjoyed his little party for his 36th birthday!

Monday was his actual birthday.  The kids didn’t have school Monday so it was another relaxing day of trying to put more stuff up.  Drew requested tacos for dinner and wanted a banana pudding instead of birthday cake.  Whatever makes him happy!  The kids and I aren’t huge fans so he ate the entire thing this week and was in heaven! 

Tuesday Lindy headed back to school.  She was very excited to go back to school.  She missed her teachers and friends.  Will and I went and got the oil changed in my car.  He loves going with me to the dealership because they have a golf putting game he loves to play.  We headed to gymnastics after school.  I forgot Lindy’s FM system – my mind was still on vacation.  She still did okay without it.  She got some new leotards for Christmas and she looked super cute! 

Wednesday Will finally got to go back to school as well.  He was very excited to see his teacher and friends as well.  After school they had music class and boy were they wound up.  They were excited to get back to reality I guess! 

Thursday morning Will and I ran a few errands and then headed to story time.  We picked up Lindy and headed back home.  Friday was a normal school day as well.  We did end up going shopping on Friday evening for a birthday present and then we went out to eat.  We got home and played some more Wii dance and Fit games.  The kids love these games and Will gets pretty upset when I tell him we are not playing them everyday, like he thinks we should!

Saturday we had the most gorgeous winter day ever!  I think it got up to almost 70F!  Drew and I got the Christmas trees packed up and we got all the outside lights down.  It was so nice out we even got our gutters cleaned out.  We were wearing shorts and t-shirts in January!  Crazy!  We finally got showered and ready to head to our friend Berkley’s 5th birthday party at Bounce U.  The kids love this place.  Will is finally able to do almost everything by himself now.  Lindy still requires a ton of help.  This was Drew’s first time to Bounce U and now he understands why I come home exhausted!  Berkley’s dad, Brett, has an identical twin brother, Josh.  Lindy kept going up to Josh because I’m sure she thought it was Brett (who she knows)!  Lindy somehow got Josh to take her up this big slide two times because Drew was helping Will and I didn’t think I could carry her up it.  She loved that!  Even if she thought it was Brett! She also loved Berkley’s great grandfather’s cane.  She could have played with that all day long! 

Today has been a normal day of church and doing odds and ends around the house.  This week looks to be a busy one for us.  On a happy note, it’s the only 5 day week we have in the entire month of January!  We have two more Mondays off of school!

I sent my camera in AGAIN to have the lens looked at.  It’s the third time I’ve sent it in because the lens keeps coming loose.  If they agree that there is a problem then I can possibly get them to buy me a new lens!!  Keeping my fingers crossed!  Some of these photos are not the best since they are from my phone.

New Years Eve on the Wii Fit!DSC_6418The only picture I took from the party Sunday night.  Will and Benjamin bouncing.DSC_6422Happy Birthday Daddy!DSC_6424DSC_6425He wanted and got a chin-up bar.  DSC_6429And he was happy to get Kung Fu Panda 2!DSC_6430DSC_6431DSC_6434The birthday banana pudding!DSC_6437I didn’t have a 6.  So I put one 3 and then two more threes, one in front of the other.  3 + 3 equals 6.  Get it?  It was my ghetto fabulous birthday candles!DSC_6438We got a super cold blast of winter weather in the beginning of the week so Lou had to wear a cute sweater to school!DSC_6446Playing golf while getting our oil changed.IMG_0306IMG_0312Lou in one of her new leotards!DSC_6445More cute sweater action!DSC_6451DSC_6453Trying out the new chin-up bar.  Lindy asks daily to do her exercises!DSC_6455DSC_6457DSC_6460DSC_6462DSC_6467The kids got new towels for Christmas.  Lindy loves her blue elephant.IMG_0321But likes to walk around with it pulled all the way down.  A bit dangerous for her!IMG_0325Will does not love his lion.  No clue why!IMG_0331The birthday girl, Berkley.IMG_0340By the time Lindy got home from the bounce party, she was sporting a very 80’s side pony tail!IMG_0342Lindy taking a picture of Will this morning.IMG_0350It got quiet today and we found the kids like this.  For whatever reason I think it’s so cute when they cuddle up together to do something (like play their leap pads today).  IMG_0353

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