Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween 2011

Happy Halloween from our Pirate and her Parrot!

Over a month ago Lindy saw a show about pirates on Backyardigans.  Ever since then she has talked about being a pirate.  Will on the other hand, would not be a pirate.  Randomly, he decided he would be a parrot!  They don’t really get that it’s kind of funny that he is her parrot. 

The kids didn’t have school on Halloween day so we had a relaxing day at home.  After naptime we started getting ready.  Uncle Ed and Aunt Jamie came over to see the kids as well.  We went to 3 neighbors’ houses, and only one was home.  Then we went to our church for the trunk-or-treat and games. 

The kids had a blast getting candy and playing all the games.  They really got Halloween this year and it’s been fun.  As Will has said today, “I’m so sad that Halloween is over” or “How do we get to Halloween again?”

DSC_413210-31-2011Will showing his pretty wings and Lindy showing her ….we’re not sure what she’s showing??10-31-2011-4Getting ready10-31-2011-7Our sweet pirate.  Although she wanted to be a scary pirate!DSC_4111DSC_4118Our sweet parrot.  He was a nice parrot.DSC_4119DSC_4122It’s like she is saying, “This is my parrot!”DSC_4129Drew and I dressed up like bottles of Ketchup and Mustard!10-31-2011-1Uncle Ed and Aunt JamieDSC_4140DSC_4156DSC_4158DSC_4167100_1658Martha from church had the funniest trunk.  She sat in it!  The kids thought it was so funny when she split those streamers and said “Boo!”DSC_4176

DSC_4177DSC_4179Holding up the streamers to see Ms. Martha!DSC_4187DSC_4195DSC_4196We had to get pictures with the Wake Forest Trunk!DSC_4197DSC_4199Lindy and Mr. Donald.  He is one of Lindy’s very favorite people at church!DSC_4202DSC_4203DSC_4204Our trunk was going for the kitchen and BBQ theme.  We brought the mustard and ketchup to the BBQ.  DSC_4209DSC_4213DSC_4221How cute was Martha?!DSC_4233At the end of the night they pulled up a seat and had a little candy snack at their table!  DSC_4234

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