Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Fun

Let’s see…what happened this week?  The only excitement on Monday was that Will got to bring his Halloween costume to school and put it on and go trick or treating at the nursing home next door.  It was up in the air as to whether he would actually wear the costume but he came through and is okay with it now.  Stay tuned tomorrow for pictures!

Tuesday the kids had gymnastics and Drew and GrandBob came to watch.  Although Lindy did a lot better during circle time, she still wanders a bit during the circuits so Drew got to see her in action.  GrandBob thought it was the funniest thing ever.  ha ha ha.  We all went back to our house after gymnastics and Aunt Jamie also came over.  Aunt Jamie and GrandBob watched the kids while Drew and I went to Lindy’s IEP meeting.  The kids had a blast while we were gone and when we got back GrandBob treated us to dinner. 

It was one of Lindy’s easiest IEPs yet.  It was a standard annual review.  Her teacher had done some recent testing on her which came back good.  On the PSL-4 she tested like a 4 year 4 month old.  Considering she is 4 years and 3 months we were pleased!  The Bracken basic skills test showed her at 3 years 10 months.  But we were fine with that and proud that she is doing so well.  It’s always nice to hear people ooh and ahh when they hear how well she is doing!  The only changes to her IEP were to reduce two services for her.  She is doing so well in speech that they reduced her from three times a week to two times a week.  Her physical therapist reduced her to just monitoring her one time every quarter because she does so well in both environments.  Both are positive changes for her and prove that she is doing so well!  It was an easy and fairly short IEP meeting for her! 

Wednesday the kids had Halloween parties at school.  Both came home loaded with all kinds of goodies.  They had music class after school as well.  It’s neat to see Lindy singing along to all the songs this year. 

Friday we had the day off of school.  Actually we have tomorrow (the 31st) off as well so we have a four day weekend!  It’s teacher conferences in the school system and their church preschool follows the school system calendar.  We had a most lazy day but it was great!  After a really nice week weather wise, we woke up to it being cold and rainy on Friday.  We slept in and hung out in pajamas all morning.  I had to run to the grocery store during naptime and came home and put my pajama pants back on.  We cozied up inside the rest of the day.

After the kids woke up from their naps we carved our jack-o-lanterns!   I carved Lindy’s and Drew carved Will’s.  We let them pick their shape of eyes and nose and how many teeth they wanted.  Will wanted nothing to do with the pumpkin guts but Lindy delved right in.  I had to keep stopping her from putting them in her mouth.  yuck.  It was a fun family activity for us.  I spent the rest of the night baking Halloween goodies for Saturday evening.

Saturday Drew was gone all day long so the kids and I had another lazy day.  We finally showered and got dressed late morning, just in time for them to take a nap.  After naptime we headed to our friends Kris and Katie’s house for a reunion with friends.  Kris, Drew, and another guy Todd lived together in Durham for three years.  Todd and his wife, Amy, and their twin girls, Atha and Nora, drove over from Raleigh to hang out.  We try to get together at least once a year, more if we can.  Kris and Todd worked with a guy, Ryan, for many years and now Drew has become friends with him.  Ryan and his new fiancee came over as well.  It was a very fun get-together and all the kids had fun together.  Claire, Atha, and Nora played dress-up together while Lindy, Will, and Micah formed an exclusive band.  Funny to see how the get-togethers have changed!

We worked on writing this week with Lindy and she wrote her name on a birthday card.  It was the best and most complete we have ever seen her do it.  DSC_3944She also surprised us by drawing a person!  These are all OT goals we were working on!DSC_3952”Daddy is under my spell”DSC_3956Yes he is!DSC_3957More Halloween shirts arrived in the mail this week. Thanks Mimo!DSC_3960DSC_3961DSC_3963Commencing of the pumpkin carving.DSC_3965DSC_3967The closest Will got to the guts.DSC_3968DSC_3972DSC_3977DSC_3978DSC_3979DSC_3984Finished product.  Oval eyes.  Triangle nose.  7 teeth.DSC_3998Triangle eyes.  Side triangle nose.  5 teeth.DSC_4001DSC_4003DSC_4010Ohhhh, pretty lights!DSC_4014DSC_4020Marshmallow witches I made.DSC_4023Pumpkin and skeleton jello.DSC_4031My pumpkin spice cake.DSC_4035More Halloween shirts.DSC_4038DSC_4040The kids’ table Saturday night.  Atha, Nora, Claire, Micah, Will, and Lindy.DSC_4043The pretty princesses: Claire, Atha, and Nora.DSC_0997The exclusive band.  DSC_1014Another group shot.  Atha, Nora, and Claire are all a year younger than L&W, yet of course they are all bigger.  DSC_4048Kris, Drew, Todd, and RyanDSC_4056Michelle, Amy, me, and Katie.DSC_4062Lindy decided she needed to be one of the girls!DSC_4065SO then we got all the girls!DSC_1033The kids wore Halloween colors to church.  I made Lindy another ‘pillowcase’ dress – this time in orange and black polka dots.  DSC_4072If I do say so myself, the dress and the girl wearing the dress are cute!DSC_4075Not to be forgotten, Will wore his orange too!DSC_4083DSC_4088DSC_4102

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