Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Three F’s: Fair, Football, and Food

It’s been a great week.  Perfect fall weather and perfect fall activities!

Tuesday was our gymnastics day.  Lindy is still struggling a bit with the circle time, but she did the best ever in the circuits.  There was one main difference too, they had an extra person helping them out.  Lindy took a liking to her and stuck with her and the girl was able to help her out.  Since there were two teachers in her group, they were able to keep her going and doing the right thing. I have no clue if it was a one time thing or she’ll be there each week.  Hoping she’ll be back! 

Wednesday the kids music class started back up.  We have some of the same kids from last year and a bunch more news kids.  In fact there were 10 kids, which was really too many.  She is wanting to split the class up, so we’ll see what happens.  The kids thoroughly enjoyed it and have been asking to go back.  They got new instruments, the slide whistle, that they have been playing a ton.

Wednesday was picture day at the kids’ school.  They did individual pictures on Wednesday and then they did sibling pictures on Friday.  So I had to dress them back up on Friday!  They had a professional photographer in town take the pictures.  They could be really great, I’m just hoping they don’t cost an arm and a leg!  I’m really interested to see the sibling pictures too.  Maybe they behaved well and did what she asked.  Or maybe they behaved like they do for me when I try to take their picture together.  We shall see! 

Thursday we picked Lindy up from school and we headed back to the Dixie Classic Fair.  We had lunch at our old church’s food booth and enjoyed seeing all our old friends.  Then we set off to do what we went to do:  ride the rides!  We bought the kids a wristband so they could ride as many rides as they wanted.  Lindy made the height requirements by a hair!  She was just at the line.  Only a couple people actually measured her but one wasn’t about to let her on.  Drew and I would have rode with her but they were charging the adult to ride and we were too cheap to buy a wristband.  The kids LOVED the rides.   Will smiled the entire afternoon.  Lindy enjoyed herself but she wasn’t always smiling.  Most rides had a steering wheel on them and she took her job of steering very seriously!  Every time they got off a ride she’d ask to “Ride one more.”  It really was neat to see them riding the rides by themselves and having so much fun.  There were only two rides that I got a little nervous about.  One went a lot faster and was a lot jerkier than the rest and Lindy’s hearing aid kept flopping.  Thankfully she fixed it each time.  Every time she came around the corner I’d count hearing aides!  The other ride was this airplane ride that actually went up in the air but only had a rope to keep the kids in.  Almost all of the other little rides had an actual seat belt and this airplane had a rope.  I threatened Lindy with her life (okay, really with just not watching tv) to make sure she didn’t stand up.  She did great on all the rides though.  The only ride Drew and I rode was the Ferris wheel.  I can’t even remember the last time I rode a Ferris wheel.  It was neat and we got a great view at the top!  We held onto the kids for dear life!

The fun didn’t stop there though.  Friday night we met my friend Wendy and her girls Riley and Berkley for a night of “Fun on the Farm.”  We have a local children’s home that has a big farm on it and they were having a kids night out there.  There were some animals to pet, a bouncy house, a band, the parachute with balls, dinner, and s’mores.  It was just an okay event, but the kids all had fun playing together, so that is really what matters. 

Saturday was the most PERFECT fall day ever.  Wake Forest had a home football game at 12:30pm.  It was perfect, 73F temps, and it was the debut of the monstrous video board Wake installed this summer.  The game started with four people parachuting into the stadium, the last being the Demon Deacon!  It was pretty cool!  The new video board is awesome and the game was awesome!  Wake beat Florida State (who was ranked 23rd in the nation)!  How about them Deacs?  We enjoyed seeing Suzette, who hadn’t been able to make it to a game this year.  Suzette and Aunt Jamie were a huge help with Lindy.  They let her pester sit with them for a long time.  Lindy took a nice nap on me for awhile in the first half but woke up raring to go in the second half!

We left the football game and headed to our church for a chicken stew.  It was SOOOO good.  According to Wikipedia, a “Southern chicken stew ("chicken mull" in northern Georgia) is a traditional dish from North Carolina. It is a type of stew consisting of parboiled whole chicken in a cream or milk based broth, butter and seasoned with salt, pepper and other ingredients. Traditionally, the stew is served in the late fall and winter months. Often the term "chicken stew" refers to an event or gathering where the dish is served.”  And man oh man, is it good!  You load it up with crumbled saltine crackers and eat the sweet goodness.  It was the perfect fall evening for a chicken stew.  Just enough of a nip in the air to let you know it was fall.  I’m dreaming of more chicken stew……

Today we went to church but we had a special preacher – Drew’s cousin, Deirdre.  She is the Senior Regional Director for the Southeast Region of Operation Christmas Child.  She runs the Charlotte processing plant for all the shoeboxes that come in.  They’ll process 2.1 million shoeboxes in Charlotte this year!  She came to talk about Operation Christmas Child and did a great job.  After church we got to eat lunch with Deirdre, her husband John, and her mom Joan and her husband Curtis.  Ed, Jamie, and Molly also joined us.  After lunch the kids took a nap and we headed back to church for a stewardship kick-off tailgate.  All I can say is that Drew was dressed up like a female cheerleader and I honestly forgot my camera.  I’ll have to see if I can get my hands on someone else’s pictures!

Speaking of pictures, here are mine from the week. 

October means Halloween shirts!DSC_3245This child is seriously crazy.DSC_3249A cute school outfit.DSC_3256The Chiefs won last week (and this week too!) so Lou wore her Chiefs pj’s!  Go Chiefs!DSC_3261Playing the slide whistle.DSC_3290At the top of the Ferris wheel!DSC_3298DSC_3299DSC_3311DSC_3312DSC_3321DSC_3328DSC_3343DSC_3344Fast forward 12 years and they’ll probably be doing the same thing except in a real car!DSC_3346DSC_3349DSC_3358My favorite picture of the day!  Lindy smiled the whole ride.  This was the faster, jerky ride.  Maybe the other rides were too boring for her!DSC_3365DSC_3373DSC_3377DSC_3383DSC_3389The airplane ride.  See the rope?  A rope was supposed to hold them in???DSC_3393Exhausted after so many rides!DSC_3399Lindy was the special student in her class this week and she got to take in her favorite toy and a special treat.  We made banana ghosts.  Frozen chocolate covered bananas!DSC_3410Fun on the farm with Riley and Berkley!DSC_3419DSC_3421Berks is 8 months older than the kids and a foot taller!DSC_3431DSC_3436DSC_3437First time roasting marshmallows for s’mores.DSC_3438DSC_3442First bites of s’mores!DSC_3443DSC_3444DSC_3446The parachute and the balls were a huge hit with the kids!DSC_3449DSC_3451Church outfits today.  The lady doing the children’s time asked me to dress them in Wake gear, so we obliged.  DSC_3453DSC_3459DSC_3460

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