Sunday, October 2, 2011

Dixie Classic Fair – 2011 Edition

So tired.  Eyes having trouble staying open.  Talking in short sentences.  I’ll stop now.

It’s been a fun and busy week!  Tuesday Mimo came up to visit us for the night.  She met us at gymnastics and got to see the kids in action the last 15 minutes of class.  Gymnastics was okay this week.  Lindy did better than last week.  No running across the circling and tackling Will.  I guess that’s improvement! 

We had Uncle Ed, Aunt Jamie, and Molly over for dinner Tuesday night so they could visit with Mimo too.  Mimo played lots with the kids while I ran to the grocery store and cooked us all dinner.  Wednesday morning she went with me to take the kids to school and got to meet their teachers.  Once we were kid free we did a little shopping.  We picked the kids up from school and Mimo treated us to lunch at Chick-fil-A.  Mimo had to head out after naptime but we enjoyed her visit.  I just realized I don’t have pictures of her visit.  That’s odd.

Thursday I had a parent session with Lindy’s teacher after school and then the kids both got their flu shots at the pediatrician’s office.  It didn’t go so well.  I had Lindy in my arms and said to the receptionist, “We’re here for flu shots.”  It was over after that.  She immediately said she didn’t want a shot.  She started crying a bit and wanted Drew.  Then she started gagging.  Drew ran her to the bathroom and she gagged some more.  While we were in the bathroom they called us back.  We went back and she really started gagging.  They handed us a little throw up pail and of course she threw up.  The nurse kept asking if she was sick.  I had to convince her that no, she wasn’t sick, that she was making herself sick.  I got on the table and held her arms and the nurse just gave it to her.  Two seconds later she was fine and acting like a pirate.  Everyone keeps saying she’ll outgrow it but she’s actually getting more skilled at it.  It used to be she only threw up when she was crying really hard.  Now she just decides she doesn’t like the situation and throws up – sometimes without crying.  We left there and treated ourselves to some frozen yogurt as a treat.

Friday morning Lindy had speech first thing at her school and then we left and headed to their other preschool.  Friday night we had supper club at our house with Ed, Jamie, Katie and Kris.  A good time was had by all, even though I stuffed myself until I didn’t feel good.  uggg.  We made my great, great grandmother’s apple dumpling recipe for dessert.  A true labor of love because they take awhile but it is quite possibly my favorite dessert ever.  They are so good!

Saturday morning we did a first.  We split up the child care duties all day.  Will and I left mid-morning and headed to Raleigh.  Our first stop for the day was at my friend Cathy’s house.  Cathy and I went to high school together and then lived together two years in college.  She had a little girl baby, Adeline, the end of July so we went by to meet her and drop off our baby presents.  It was great to meet   Addie and it was so fun to hold a little baby!!  I got my baby fix in!  We left Cathy’s and headed to a birthday party in Cary.  My best friend Carrie’s daughter, Anna, turned 6.  Her party was at a park and playground.  Will had a blast playing all afternoon.  The main reason I brought Will with me is because the party was at a playground.  Lindy and playgrounds make me so nervous.  I actually got to sit back a little bit and just watch him play.  It was a beautiful fall afternoon to spend at a park.  We left the party and headed home, while stopping at two Old Navy’s on the way home to look for pants in the right size.  We had no luck at either one.  When we got here, Aunt Anna and her boyfriend, Brian, were here.  We hung out with them last night and they went to church with us this morning.

This afternoon we all headed to the Dixie Classic Fair.  It’s the local fair but it’s the second largest in the state.  Our old church has a food booth so for years we always worked at the fair.  Now we just get to be fair goers.  The kids had fun walking around and looking at animals.  Our snack today was a deep fried Snickers bar and deep fried Oreos.  Both were tasty but the candy bar was better.   We mainly looked at animals and exhibits today.  We are going to go one afternoon after the kids get out of school and let them ride some rides when it’s not quite so busy.  It was another beautiful, crisp fall afternoon.  A perfect day for the fair!

Can’t believe it’s October.  How did that happen??

A cute Lindy girl in a cute school outfit.DSC_3065After the shots on Tuesday.  Will passed out on the way home.  DSC_3081Yummy apple dumplings!DSC_3093A little Saturday morning reading in Will’s bed.DSC_3106Sweet Baby Adeline.  She’s snarling because her crazy mommy and daddy put her in an NC State outfit!  DSC_3109Cathy and baby Addie.DSC_3112Getting my baby fix!DSC_3114At the birthday party at the park.  DSC_3115DSC_3124Green cupcakes!DSC_3127Mommy-son day!DSC_3128The birthday girl, Anna.DSC_3133Will and the birthday girl.DSC_3141Busting out long sleeve clothes since the temperature dropped this weekend. DSC_3143DSC_3145Anna and Brian at the fair today.DSC_3150Checking out the chickens and roosters.DSC_3157Will next to the 400 pound pumpkin.  DSC_3173This goat just crawled up on that animal and laid down for a nap.  DSC_3180They were so excited to feed the animals!DSC_3187DSC_3194DSC_3195Anna was super excited to feed the animals too!DSC_3199DSC_3204DSC_3206DSC_3208DSC_3215DSC_3221DSC_3222Eating deep fried Snickers and Oreos!DSC_3228DSC_3230DSC_3235DSC_3233Our nephew, Corbyn, drew this picture and it was hanging at the fair.DSC_3237DSC_3238Little man passed out again on the way home!DSC_3239

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