Sunday, October 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Nana!!

Today is my Mom’s 29th Birthday!  Happy Birthday!  We love you and wish we could celebrate with you!DSC_3482

Let’s see, what in the world did we do last week?  I think it was a fairly normal week without too much extra stuff going on.  Will and I grocery shopped a couple days while Lindy was in school. 

Tuesday the kids had gymnastics but they didn’t do too many actual gymnastics this week.  The gym was celebrating fire safety month so they had firemen there who talked with the kids.  They practiced stop, drop, and roll and evacuating while another fireman talked to the parents.  It was all interesting and common sense stuff.  But I have a feeling common sense flies out the door if your house is on fire, so it’s always good to hear that kind of information every so often!

Wednesday the kids had music class.  Ms. Beth our teacher ended up splitting up the huge class of 11 kids that came the first week.  Instead of eating directly after preschool and going to class at 1pm, they now are going to go to music class at 12pm, right after preschool.  We’ll just eat when we get home.  There were 5 kids in the group and it really was much better.  The kids are busy and entertained so they didn’t mind waiting until a little later to eat.

The kids have either been affected by allergies all week or they have a cold.  How do I know which one?  Will woke up last weekend with a cough and he’s had it all week long.  He doesn’t cough constantly but when he does it doesn’t sound that great.  He has no other symptoms of illness.  I don’t think he ever had a fever and he doesn’t say anything else hurts.  Just a nagging cough that won’t go away.  Lindy ended up getting pretty congested during the week too.  She does not eat or sleep well when she is congested.  She didn’t sleep well Wednesday night and actually cried a little when I dropped her off at school on Thursday.  I think she was tired and not feeling 100%.  They said she was fine as soon as I left.  She has seemed to feel okay throughout the weekend.  I just hate not knowing which one it is.  I haven’t taken them to the doctor at all because I figure there really isn’t anything you could do about either one.  If Will’s cough keeps up and keeps sounding bad I might have to take him in soon.

Will has given me a run for my money this week.  My otherwise sweet child has been trying out a big boy attitude on me.  I think he’s trying to exert some independence and not just automatically do everything I tell him.  Which has been nice but I can see that is changing.  It’s all been little stuff such as not eating 5 bites of peaches (he sat for 30 minutes and didn’t get to play before school one morning) or refusing to color an elephant on his homework sheet (he ended up sitting there at the table and therefore did not get to play the ipad before picking Lindy up from school).  I think it’s funny that he is actually punishing himself – not getting to do things he wants to do – but it still drives me nuts.  I might be a tad bit stubborn myself.  His teacher told me one day at school that he was just the sweetest boy ever.  I agreed with her and I’m glad that he is still sweet to everyone else! 

The weekend was a good one.  I left Friday morning and headed out of town with Jamie (as in Aunt Jamie).  Her mom and sister, and 6 of her mom’s friends, came up from Alabama to spend the weekend in the NC mountains to celebrate Lorrie’s (Jamie’s mom) birthday.  Jamie was going to meet them and invited me along.  We stayed in West Jefferson NC in Ashe County.  We got up there around noon and headed to Ginny’s (one of Lorrie’s friends) apartment where we were staying.  It was so nice and cozy on a golf course.  We spent the afternoon in downtown West Jefferson which is this really cool little downtown with lots of antique stores and fun shops.  Friday night we headed up to the top of a mountain to Dee’s (another one of the ladies) house.  We had dinner up at her house which was a really cool log cabin with an amazing view – but did I mention it was on the top of a mountain?  It was a crazy drive to get up there!  Saturday morning we headed back up the mountain for breakfast at Dee’s and then all the ladies headed to Boone for a craft show.  Jamie and I went back to downtown West Jefferson and walked around for a little while and we headed back home.  I got home and had just a little bit of time before packing up the kids and heading out the door for a Wake Forest football game.  Unfortunately their winning streak came to an end Saturday night when they lost to Virginia Tech.  It was a 6:30pm game which meant we didn’t get home till late – even though we left in the fourth quarter.  Better luck next week, Deacons!  Today we had church and Drew went out to lunch with our Duke intern from this summer.  The kids and I headed home since they are still trying to get over whatever it is they have and I am starting to get something.  We all needed a good nap.  Tonight for dinner we had pumpkin pancakes!  They were yummy and the kids had no clue they were eating a vegetable!  Score!

While I was gone Drew kept the kids busy.  Saturday they went to the downtown library, to listen to some music downtown, and to watch our friends from the local UMAR houses bowl in the Special Olympics.  I know the kids loved being out and about with Daddy.  He is more adventurous about taking the kids out.  I get overwhelmed and flustered when just thinking about doing all that stuff by myself!  He is the world’s best dad and he proved it.  Last week Will refused to put on his Halloween costume.  Something he had picked out.  Drew did get him to put it on and got a picture of him in it.  World’s best Daddy!!

Okay, some pictures from the last week. 

This girl has perfected her pout.DSC_3461Just because I think it’s funny and cute!DSC_3470More Halloween shirts!DSC_3471And more (can you tell Will has his hands in his pockets?  He has been doing this recently and it’s so stinking cute!)DSC_3479Pretending to be a Rogers in West Jefferson!IMG_D2E36A25-7434-4F61-9236-EDF64AF3CC21Sitting like Edith Ann on a couch in West JeffersonDSC_3499Hanging with the cows at the Ashe County Cheese Shop in downtown.  DSC_3503Old log cabin and pretty trees on the way up the mountain.DSC_3511The view from Dee’s back deck! DSC_3513Jennifer (Jamie’s sister, if you couldn’t tell!), Jamie, and JamieDSC_3516Inside the log cabin.DSC_3517All the ladies.  They’ve been best friends for 40 years!  Dee, Jennifer, Terry, Lorrie (Jamie’s mom), Kay, Betty is hiding back there, Ginny, and Jamie.DSC_3522Ginny’s apartments where we stayed.DSC_3537A Jamie sandwich for Jennifer!DSC_3543Jamie2DSC_3545Jennifer, Lorrie, Jamie, and GinnyDSC_3546Jennifer, Lorrie, and JamieDSC_3547My sweeties before church today.  I stopped them on the steps to take a picture  he did this!  So cute!DSC_3556How I found Will one day during naptime!IMG_7100780C-6D79-434F-8834-87FF2A524EF1

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