Sunday, September 25, 2011

What a Difference a Week Makes

Last week when I wrote my post I felt like poo.  I felt like poo ALL week long.  I finally started feeling better yesterday and slept well last night and feel about back to normal today.  What a miserable week.

Since I was sick I didn’t do much. I thought I was feeling better on Tuesday morning so I picked Lindy up from school and took the kids to gymnastics.  By the time I got home I felt like poo again.

Gymnastics didn’t go as well this week.  Of the three times we’ve been, it wasn’t the best and it wasn’t the worst.  Actually it was the worst she has done in the beginning circle time.  She kept taking off, running across the circle, and tackling Will.  The last time she did it she got close enough where I grabbed her and had a sweet little chat with her.  She did better in the circuits than circle time.  We had another little chat when she had to go to the bathroom, but I’m just not sure she understands consequences.  The theme this week was football and they did some cute football things.  They had to roll down a slope with a stuffed football and then tackle a big mat.  Will is doing great in gymnastics.  He listens well and is having a blast.  He is getting a little less hesitant about trying the new things as well.

That about sums up the week.  Besides the fact that I was sick, it rained the latter part of the week.  Lots and lots of rain.  The kids were stuck inside with a sick mama.  That meant they watched a lot more tv than they usually get to.   They were loving life.

We had a much more exciting weekend though.  Friday night we met Uncle Ed and Aunt Jamie at a Wake Forest girls volleyball game.  It was a lot of fun and we really enjoyed it.  Lindy and Will didn’t love it or particularly sit still very well but oh well, we were out of the house.  Saturday Drew had a youth event at church where they packed 20,028 meals for Stop Hunger Now.  Last night we had dinner with some friends in Greensboro.  We ate with one of Drew’s best friends from middle school, his wife, their almost four year old daughter, and 4 month old son.  Lindy and Will had fun playing with Hannah and all her toys and we had fun catching up.  I didn’t hold the baby since I’ve been so sick all week and still have a cough.  I couldn’t get in my baby fix!  Next time!  Today we went to church and then we went to a Wake Forest girls soccer game!  Even though it was a bye week for the Wake football team, we still saw a lot of Wake Forest sports!

We’ve been having a lot of trouble with Lindy’s hearing aides this week. I keep hearing static and a crackling sound and I’ve had trouble syncing her hearing aides to her FM system.  (Incidentally she likes to ask me to ‘sync’ her hearing aides now.  She has no clue what that actually means.)  I thought it stopped doing it at the end of the week but it’s been doing it this weekend so I’m definitely taking them in to get checked out.  They are just like all other technology, they are amazing when they work and so frustrating when they don’t work right!

It was cool in the beginning of the week and warm by the end of the week.DSC_2950DSC_2951Football day at gymnastics! DSC_2960DSC_2961About the only thing Lindy listened to during circle time was following the directions to go to middle, put your arms in the air and say, “Ta da!”DSC_2964Rolling with the football.DSC_2967Hut, hut, hike!DSC_2968Tackle that dummy!DSC_2975DSC_2984DSC_2987Tackling the dummy was RIGHT up Lindy’s alley.DSC_2988She struggles to walk on the trampoline….DSC_2996much less bounce!DSC_2997Lindy trying not to smile after I caught them in a sweet moment!DSC_3002GO DEACS!!!  We saw the Deacon up close and personal at the volleyball game!DSC_3006Aunt Jamie!DSC_3007I left the pantry door open today and came back to find this.DSC_3054Sneaking chips.DSC_3055Today at the Wake girls soccer game.  It started pouring rain on us so we left, but they were winning 4-1 so we felt safe leaving!DSC_3056

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Lisa T said...

Just stopping by to say hello! They are getting so BIG!!!! Absolutely adorable.
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Lisa Towery