Monday, September 5, 2011

Most Boring Holiday Weekend Ever

Happy Labor Day!  We have had the most boring weekend ever.  Actually the whole week has been kind of boring.

The only exciting things we did this week were to go to meet Lindy and Will’s new teachers at their church preschool.  Remember Lindy is going Tues/Thurs at her hearing impaired preschool and going Mon/Wed/Fri at the church preschool.  The same church preschool that Will went to last year.

We went on Wednesday morning and met Ms. Bobbye, who will be Lindy’s teacher.  We decided to put Lindy into the three year old class, instead of the four year old class.   We just didn’t feel like she was ready for the four year old class yet.  Besides, Will had kids turning four in Sept. and Oct. last year so there will be other four years in there soon.  Will had Ms. Bobbye for a couple months last year, before they ended up splitting up the class because it got too big.  We met with her Wed. and instead of her giving us all the preschool info, we filled her in on Lindy.   In so many regards she seems like a ‘normal little kid.’  But then you start going through her vision and hearing, shunt, braces, FM system, dangers on the playground and therapists that will be coming in to work with her and I guess it might be a little overwhelming to a teacher.  This will be Lindy’s first experience with a class of typically developing kids and we’re so hoping it goes well.  Lindy has no clue she is different than her peers.  I know she’ll do fine but I am a little nervous!  Her teacher is very strict and organized and I think this will be great for Lindy.  I have heard from many people that she really tries to move them towards independence and that kids come out of her classroom very prepared for the next year.  All of that sounds great for Lindy!

Thursday we went to an open house in Will’s class to see his new room and meet his new teacher, Ms. Sue.  We got most of the same info as we got from Lindy’s teacher.   The four year old class is more structured but every day is based around a book.  Will will love all the stories and activities that go with each book.  His teacher seemed very sweet and I’ve heard she was an elementary school teacher at one point so that is great. 

Right now on Lindy’s IEP, she gets speech therapy three times a week.  She gets it on Tues. and Thurs. when she is at the hearing impaired school but she needed it one more time.  We are going to take her in on Friday mornings before she goes to the church preschool.  Even though she hasn’t started the church preschool yet, we started with speech on Friday.  I took her in and just sat and read while she had her session.   Usually we’ll head onto the church preschool but this week we headed home.

We have done absolutely nothing this weekend.  Drew has been sick since about Wed/Thurs and hasn’t felt well at all.  I left the house on Sunday morning for church and then I dragged the family to Target today to pick up a new cube organizer for the playroom. 

Boring week but we have some new fun things starting up this week!   They start the church preschool on Wednesday and gymnastics on Tuesday! 

The kids have been sitting in different spots around the house and pretending they are riding in different things.  This particular day they were riding in a helicopter.  Today they were in another chair riding in an elevator.  DSC_2614Our little two man band.DSC_2622Still sleepy after a nap this week.DSC_2627OMG…she’s so cute!  I did french braid pig tails on her hair that day too.DSC_2632She figured out she had pockets.DSC_2634”Hey, I have pockets too Mom!”DSC_2635Will got new glasses in a treat bag from his teacher.  I think they look better on Lindy.  Will just looks bug eyed.  Lindy looks fashionable with her big sunglasses!DSC_2638DSC_2642”I’m holding up my pants Mom.”DSC_2640Will was being creative with the blanket one day.  He gave his scooter a tail.DSC_2644Lindy was ‘working’ on her scooter.DSC_2646Who was that big ole butt crawling through my kitchen on Saturday?DSC_2649GrandBob!  He came to visit and play hide-n-seek.DSC_2650Lindy loves to point and tell you how it’s going to be.DSC_2652Will showed GrandBob one of his ‘wash stations’ that he built.  The boy builds some crazy little things.  Might not look like much from the outside but the inside has all these little rooms and swinging trap doors.  DSC_2653

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Jenna said...

My name is Jenna and I came across your site. Will is an amazing, handsome little boy with a cute smile. Lindy is a beautiful little girl with a pretty smile. Lindy is a fighter and an inspirational hero. Looks like she is good at "fixing" her scooter. ( cute pic by the way. That is a cute pic of Will and his grandad building with the blocks. I was born with a rare life threatening disease, and love it when people sign my guestbook.