Sunday, September 11, 2011

Are you ready for some football??

Yay!  There is a cool, crisp feel in the mornings and Wake had their first home football game on Saturday.  We love the fall!

We actually had an unusually eventful week.   Tuesday Lindy went to her hearing impaired classroom and Will and I picked her up.  We headed to our friend Katie’s house and had lunch with her and Claire.  I changed Lindy’s clothes and we all headed to the kids’ first gymnastics class.  Lindy, Will, and Claire were all in the same class together, along with about 13 other children.  While I know Lindy and Will had a blast, it was actually a disaster. Will did fine – even though he is a little uncertain and wanted some help a few different times but Lindy.  Oh Lindy.  She was the one child out of 16 children who was wandering around, not following directions, not standing in line, basically doing what she wanted to.  It was miserable to be the mother of that child.  In any other situation in life I would have gotten her and reprimanded her.  But for 45 minutes I was stuck outside a wall and not allowed to go do anything.  Not only was she not listening, she had trouble doing most of the things.  She did okay in the beginning when they did some stretching in a big circle because one of the teachers had her right next to him and was telling her what to do and she could follow what he was doing.  Then they split up into two groups and the first thing they did was the balance beam.  uggg.   A balance beam for my child with cerebral palsy and vision loss is hard.  The instructor had to hold her hand and walk her over all three beams and she did good then.  Thankfully all the other kids could do it by themselves.  The second circuit the instructor was helping kids do somersaults while they were going in a big circle over some blocks, down a slide, through some hula hoops.  She ended up doing okay with this circuit.  She’d go down the slide 4 times and then move on to hula hoop but she was at least going around in a circle.  The third circuit was not good.  There were three different bars they were supposed to be doing something on and only one instructor.  Lindy was even having trouble walking on the cushy mats they had under the bars.  She couldn’t even reach one bar she was too short.   During that circuit she just wandered around.  After the class I asked the guys if she was too much and they said to give it a few more times.  One guy said she just needed to get the hang of it and he thought she would since she was semi following the second circuit.  I hardly ever feel sorry for myself but every once in awhile I do.  Tuesday was one of those days for me.  It just reminded me that Lindy is different and does have special needs.  We treat her so normally and so often we forget all her problems but every once in awhile it’ll smack me in the face.  We’re going to give it a few more tries and keep our fingers crossed she doesn’t get kicked out!  It is such good physical therapy for her.

Wednesday was a much happier day for everyone.  The kids both started school at the church preschool that Will went to last year.  Will started in Ms. Sue’s class and Lindy started in Ms. Bobbye’s class.  The are going M/W/F to these classes.  They both had great days and came home very happy!  Will has friends in his class from last year but Lindy doesn’t know anyone in her class.  We’ll have to start learning everyone’s names. 

Thursday Lindy went back to her hearing impaired class and Will and I went to story time at the library.  It turned out to be really cute.  They played music, had the kids up and moving around dancing, and then would read books.  All the kids were dancing around – except Will.  He can be so stinkin shy!  He definitely has to warm up to new situations.  He loves books so we’ll probably try to do this most Thursday mornings.  I dropped him off real fast at home and headed to Lindy’s school to get her and do a parent session with her teacher.  Lindy did pretty good.  She has moved on to higher level listening skills like counting syllables and answering questions about stories. 

Friday night Drew took the kids up to the church for dinner and the beginning of a movie while I went to help set up for my mothers of multiples club consignment sale.  They tried watching the movie but the kids just wanted to play around so they headed home. 

Saturday was finally game day for the Wake Forest Demon Deacons.  It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon to be outside at a football game.   We tailgated with Ed and Jamie, and Jamie’s parents, Richard and Lorrie.  Wake came out looking pretty awesome and kept it up for most of the first half.  They tried to lose in the end, but thankfully held out and beat NC State.  What a great day with a great win!  We headed home after the game and ate dinner, gave baths and got the kids in bed late.

Today we went to church and then had our neighbor friends down to play outside in the backyard.  The kids are off in dreamland, getting ready for another day at school tomorrow! 

A busy week means lots of pictures.  Let’s see if I can keep it to a manageable number!

A cute outfit my girl wore to school last week.DSC_2673An even cuter hair bow crocheted by Mimo!!DSC_2663Gymanstics class.  Claire is next to Will in the purple shorts.DSC_2678DSC_2687They each had to go to the middle and put their hands up and say  ‘ta da’DSC_2692DSC_2693DSC_2706DSC_2707DSC_2729DSC_2733How we found Lou sleeping one night!DSC_2734DSC_2735Will’s first day of the 2011-2012 school year!DSC_2749Lindy’s second first day of school.  First day at ‘Will’s school'.  DSC_2751DSC_2754DSC_2759DSC_2763DSC_2764DSC_2775DSC_2777DSC_2780DSC_2783Being sweet and getting along.  I have to document it these days when they are not fighting!DSC_2786Our little WF cheerleader!DSC_2793The best part of the tailgate = Krispy Kreme donuts!DSC_2795The honorary grandparents for the day were Jamie’s parents, Lorrie and Richard.  Even though they are diehard Alabama fans, they showed up in black and gold to support the Deacs!DSC_2797DSC_2799DSC_2800DSC_2804DSC_2810Such a diva!DSC_2812DSC_2831Her shirt says “Honeychilde.  Sweet child of the South”!  DSC_2841Swinging with friends is always fun!DSC_2860

We want to offer our condolences to Drew’s stepmom, Suzette.  Her father passed away Saturday so they had to head to WV instead of the WF football game.  Her father was a sweet man who will be missed by many.  We’re thinking of you, Suzette! 


Michelle said...

I wanted to comment about her gymnastics class. I have a dance studio and have been teaching dance for over 15 years now. What you describe is very typical. Every year I have one or two in their first classes who like to "explore". It sounds to me like that was what she was doing. I always tell parents that it is a new class, new surroundings, new teacher, and new kids. That's a lot to get used to. I agree with her instructor that she probably will start to learn the routine of the class. It takes some time, so give her a few classes. It might be helpful to go over with her how the class operates. Practice how to sit, how to wait your turn, and set up an obstacle course at home with pillows, hula hoops, balls etc so she can practice going from one station to the next. This might help her when she goes back to class to know what to expect. I hope that wasn't too much information.

Good luck!

Michelle - mom to Camdyn and Cade (24 weekers now 17 months) and Brenna (full term now 4 yrs).

The Buckley Family said...

Jamie - I feel for you with Lindy and gymnastics, those days when we are reminded of the areas they are still behind in are hard and it's ok to feel sad about it, we all do. I bet she will get it though and it will benefit her in the long run! : )

Super cute pic of her sleeping, I can't believe she actually slept like that! And adorable hairbow!!

Have a good weekend!