Sunday, September 18, 2011

What happened to Summer?

Our temperatures drastically dropped 25 degrees from Thursday to Friday and I’m not digging it.  85 to 60 is a little much for me.  What happened to those ever so lovely low 70’s?  The temp actually wouldn’t be so bad but it’s been windy, which makes me cold.  Thankfully we warm back up to the 80’s this week.  That’s what I’m talking about.

I feel like poo right now.  I’m freezing cold and I woke up with achy legs and ankles and now I have achy wrists.  I’m sacrificing my achy wrists to type this blog post so my mother-in-law and the Stokes County Grandmother can sleep easy tonight Smile

Anywho, enough about me.  Onto the children you really came to check on.  We had our first full week of school.  Three days at the church preschool and two days for Lindy at the hearing impaired class.  We were all tired by Friday morning.  They did not want to get up Friday morning!  We did 5 days all last year so we just need to get back in the swing of it. 

I’m VERY happy to report that gymnastics went 1000% better this week.  There were many things that made it better.  I think the biggest thing was that it was a smaller group.  There were only 5 people in L&W’s group.  The circuits they did this week were easier and Lindy was able to do more of them herself.  I brought her FM system, which sends her teacher’s voice straight into her hearing aides in her ears, so she was able to hear the directions better.  And most importantly she listened and followed them a lot better.  She still did a bit of wandering but much less than last week.  We had talked a lot to her about listening and waiting in line and following directions.  The first thing she said when she came out was, “Mom I listened!”  Besides all of the above, the instructors knew what to expect with her.  They knew they had to help her out more and had to watch her closely.  The pit is like a magnet and drew her in a few times when she wasn’t supposed to be in there, but she did so much better.  Oh, and she wore her leotard.  Which my mother thinks is the real reason she did better.  She says she must have felt like a real gymnast that day.  ha ha!

Thursday was another busy day.  We dropped Lindy off at school and Will and I went to story time at the library again.  What a great, little free program they have going on there!   I was excited that Will actually participated in some of the dances this week.  We left there and picked up Lindy at school and did a parent session with her and her teacher.  She did pretty well during the session.  We left her school and headed to the mall to eat lunch and return some things.  When we were done I dropped Will off at Uncle Ed’s and Lindy and I headed to PT to see Jill.  She thought Lindy was doing great.  We worked on walking up the stairs while alternating feet, stepping over things without holding on, and kicking a soccer ball. 

The only exciting thing we did this weekend was go to the Wake Forest football game.  It was at 6:30pm on Saturday night and it was the kids’ first night football game.  GrandBob and Uncle Ed came over earlier in the afternoon and watched football and we ate pizza.  We headed to the game and it ended up being a blow-out over Gardner Webb.   We left in the third quarter when the score was 41-5.  I’m glad we got home early and got the kids in bed.  Lindy had not napped at all so she laid down and was asleep in about 5 seconds.

Hope everyone had a good week!  These pictures are Lindy heavy.  Apparently she was around me and the camera more this week.

Cuteness in a cute outfit.DSC_2874Lindy has been playing with these wedgits a lot lately.  She has been building ‘cool towers’DSC_2878Lame attempt at a before school picture together.DSC_2883We had the big pear tree in our yard cut down this week.  The kids enjoyed watching it come down.DSC_2886More cuteness.DSC_2906Busting out some cuteness from the little man himself.DSC_2909Uber-cuteness!!!!!!  Loving this outfit!DSC_2912DSC_2916”Mommy, I built you a cool diamond.  Can you take a picture of me?”DSC_2921Lindy was being so funny Friday night.  She was totally spazzing out.DSC_2922DSC_2926She kept putting her hands on Drew’s face and saying, “Do you understand me?”DSC_2930DSC_2934Saturday morning I gave the kids a bath in our bathtub.  Something they have only done one other time.  They were loving life in the big tub!  DSC_2937DSC_2940Lindy loves checking herself out in the mirror.DSC_2941Will found these new toys in the cabinet and we got them out.  They are Xmas presents from Mimo from last year that I had put up for later.  They have had fun making up different tracks and watching the cars go round and round on them.DSC_2944More church dress cuteness.DSC_2948

I’m off to bed,  hoping I don’t feel like poo in the morning! 

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Janice Sizemore said...

Hope you feel better on Monday! So glad Lindy did better with the gymnastics. She can do it!