Sunday, November 13, 2011

Little of this, little of that.

Monday was the most exciting day of our week and I’ve already posted about it.  So let’s see what else we did.

Tuesday I had a doctor’s appointment so Drew picked Lindy up from school and fed them lunch and took them to gymnastics.  He said she didn’t listen well.  Same old, same old.  Tuesday night Will tried something new: tae kwon do!  He has a friend in his class that takes classes and it was friends week.  Will and a few other boys all went on Tuesday night.  It was so funny.  I’m actually pretty surprised he even went out on the mat with them.  He definitely wasn’t sure when we walked in the door and heard all the yelling going on.  He did go on the mat and it was hilarious to watch.  They had a bunch of instructors helping out all the friends that came and Will definitely needed help.  I honestly don’t think he could understand the main guy giving all the instructions because I couldn’t really understand him.  He wouldn’t do any of the yelling for most of the class but towards the end I did see his lips moving a little.  At the end of the class everyone got to break a board and he did think that was pretty darn cool!  He’s showed it to anyone who has come to our house this week.  Now Lindy keeps talking about when she goes to tae kwon do.  Sorry, girl.  Lindy at tae kwon do would be a disaster – even worse then Lindy at gymnastics! 

Wednesday they had music class.  I was a bad mommy and forgot to make shakers with the kids for class.  Oops.

Thursday we had a surprise visit from Mimo and Aunt Anna.  They were up in the area so they came by in the afternoon.  The kids were excited to wake up from their nap and find them here.  They stayed and ate dinner with us but conveniently left right before bath time.  ha ha.  There was lots of playing and dancing going on all afternoon.

Friday the kids didn’t have school because of Veterans Day.  They are hardly in school in the month of November.  Drew left early in the morning to go on a camping trip with his friends so the kids and I were flying solo.  We messed around the house in the morning and we went to the mall in the afternoon.  I quickly remembered why I go to the mall on Monday mornings.  It was packed!  We got the one thing we needed but we walked around looking for awhile.  We ended up leaving because Lindy was really tired and crying.  They fell asleep on the way home. 

Saturday morning we had another lazy morning.  GrandBob and Suzette came over a little after 11am.  We had lunch and then I left to go to Raleigh and hang out with my friends from college.  Grandbob and Suzette watched the kids until Drew got home from his camping trip.  The kids had a blast playing with so many different people this week.  I wonder who was more tired Saturday night.  Lindy and Will or GrandBob and Suzette??

I spent the night in Raleigh and then came home today.  Drew and the kids actually got home after me.  They had children’s activities and youth group after church that they stayed for. 

And that wraps up this week.  And for some reason I took hardly any pictures this week. 

These aren’t good pictures since they are from my cell phone and I was far away.  Will is in black in the back right hand corner.  IMG_0109The main instructor was getting him ready to break his board.IMG_0110There he goes!IMG_0111Aunt Anna!DSC_4441Lindy and Mimo deep in conversation.  Lindy’s hair is crazy.  Post nap French braid makes for crazy hair!DSC_4444DSC_4446The friends I hung out with Saturday night.  Heather, Nicole, me, Julie, and Joanna.232323232fp_;__nu=3376_87__538_WSNRCG=34_4866375338nu0mrj[1]232323232fp;3;_nu=3376_87__538_WSNRCG=34_4866342338nu0mrj[1]I think this picture is so funny.  Joanna and I were roommates our freshman and sophomore years.  We went pot luck and we lucked out!  Anyway, I took this picture of us but it looks like we are hiding under a tent at summer camp.  My hand must have been partially over the flash.   232323232fp__2_nu=3376_87__538_WSNRCG=34_4866352338nu0mrj[1]

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