Sunday, November 6, 2011

Grecos In the House

The highlight of our week was that my friends Callie and Chris came to town to visit.  More on that in a minute. 

It seems like Halloween was weeks ago but in fact it was just Monday.  Tuesday we all seemed to be fine getting up and back in the swing of things after the long four day weekend and all the Halloween fun.  I did a speaking engagement for Brenners Children’s Hospital, where the kids spent 3 months of their lives.  It was for the local Extension Club.  I was just asked to speak about our story and what Brenners means to me.  It turned out to be 20 sweet, old women who loved the pictures of the kids that I brought.  I got a sweet umbrella out of the deal!  I left there and I met Drew and Will downtown to help celebrate that the local mayor was declaring November National Prematurity Month.  They had a few neonatologists talk and then the mayor made his declaration.  Drew was interviewed by one of the local newspapers and it turned out to be a great article.  We left there and headed to get Lindy and went to gymnastics.  Lindy was doing about the best she has ever done, until she pooped in her pants.  ugggg.  She told me she had to go so we went to the potty but then she claimed she didn’t have to go.  Well she obviously really did.  She has had maybe 4 accidents since this summer so I guess I have to cut her some slack. 

Wednesday was music class and Thursday I took Will to story time at the library.  I tell you, we are loving this free story time at the library every week.  He loves the books and then they get up and dance in between books.  It’s a great little program – and it’s free!

Friday was when the excitement happened.  My friends, Callie and Chris, flew in from NYC.  They met me at the kids’ school on Friday morning and Callie went in to pick up the kids with me.  (By the way – Will and another boy ran into each other and collided and Will fell back and hit his head very hard.  They happened to have a fireman in the building who completely checked him out and said he thought he was fine.  He told me the signs to watch for to see if he had a concussion – although he didn’t think he did.  Will was sad and I know it hurt and he milked it for every penny it was worth!)  We ate lunch Friday and then Callie, Chris, and I went to Wake to walk around.  Chris went to Wake Law School.  After a trip to the bookstore we dropped Chris off and then we did a little shopping at Costco – how exciting!  Friday evening Aunt Jamie came over to watch the kids so that we could all go out to eat with another friend of ours and her husband.  Callie and I met in grad school at Salem College and we ate dinner with another friend of ours, Vicky, from Salem.  We had a fabulous dinner and were thoroughly enjoying ourselves until we got a frantic phone call –or ten- from Jamie telling us Will – not Lindy (who usually throws  up) – had thrown up.  Of course we cut our night short and headed home because we were a little worried about the whole concussion thing.  Jamie said he was almost asleep on her and he sat up and started coughing and then threw up.  Poor Aunt Jamie.  She gets thrown up on every time she babysits.   She’s done babysitting for now.  Maybe we can talk her into it in a few years!  We checked Will out and he seemed just fine.  His eyes looked fine, he could follow my fingers, his pupils were the same size.  Everything just seemed fine.  We decided not to do anything except put him in bed with us and watch him.  I set my alarm every two hours and roused him to make sure he was fine.  He woke up just fine on Saturday morning.  Who knows if they were related or a freak accident or just him coughing on phlegm????

Saturday morning I got up and made breakfast and we took our time getting around.  Callie and I headed out for a girls lunch with 3 other girls from Salem that we went to school with.  We headed home to get ready for the big Wake Forest vs Notre Dame football game, the real reason Callie and Chris had flown in.  Chris grew up a ND fan but then went to Wake.  The game was at 8pm – so late!  Janice came to babysit the kids since there was no way we were taking them to an 8pm game in cold weather.  We tailgated for a few hours and went to the game.   Wake lost – boo – but the kids did great for Janice.  Thankfully no throw up!

Today Callie and Chris headed out at 9am to have breakfast with friends and then to fly home.   Will was so sad they were leaving.  He was sad when we got home from church and they were not here.  It was so fun having them visit.  If only we lived closer! 

Today is a special day for our family though.  Four years ago today we brought Will home from the hospital after 100 days in the NICU.  Because of church and a wedding Drew had this afternoon, we didn’t get to really celebrate his special day.  Stay tuned for another post tomorrow when we actually go and celebrate his special day!

A few pictures from the week…

Callie and I at Wake ForestIMG_0094Chris and CallieIMG_0096Those crazy Grecos bought the kids Wake presents.  DSC_4260DSC_4261Callie convinced me to let the kids eat their dinner in front of the tv Friday evening so they could watch their favorite tv show.  She is celebrating her victory in this picture.DSC_4264Mr. Chris reading to the kids!DSC_4267Callie loved playing dress up with Lindy.  She had fun picking out her clothes and doing her hair.  She has a two year old son so she doesn’t get to do the girly things.DSC_4272DSC_4274DSC_4275Lou in her Callie picked outfit and hairdo.DSC_4286My sweet boy on his homecoming day!DSC_4291A little sibling love.  DSC_4298

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Callie said...

We had SO much fun!! Thanks for having us! I miss Will and Lindy!!!! And, I guess, you and Drew. :)