Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving Week

We had a nice short school week and enjoyed a ‘vacation’ to Charlotte – as Will and Lindy kept saying – for Thanksgiving.

We played outside a lot in the beginning of the week because it’s been so pretty.  Tuesday after gymnastics we watched our friends Micah and Claire.  We played outside and the kids had a blast having friends over! 

Wednesday we got up and got down to Drew’s mom’s house outside Charlotte around lunchtime.  We ate lunch and got dressed up in Christmas picture clothes and we headed out to try and get one good picture.  Aunt Anna was the photographer for the day and Mimo was her assistant.  They had a hard job of keeping the three kids happy – Lindy, Will and Drew.  Drew hates doing these Christmas card pictures but he insists we do a family picture.  Go figure.  We took at least 250 pictures and got two decent ones.   Christmas cards were ordered and are waiting to be picked up! 

After pictures we changed and then headed to see Aunt Anna’s new apartment in Monroe.  We saw the new digs and then headed out to eat.  We spent Wednesday night with Drew’s mom.  Lindy and Will loved Mimo’s dogs.  Anna also had her dog, Nelly, over there and Lindy even liked her.  Lindy has always been more weary of the dogs, especially Nelly since she’s a lot bigger.  She was totally fine with them this time though. 

Thursday we got up and got around and then headed to Drew’s dad’s house for Thanksgiving dinner.  It was just his dad, Suzette, the four of us and Lynn (aka Mimo).  Although a small crowd, we still had a very nice and tasty meal.  We poured over the Thanksgiving day circulars but I just didn’t find anything I had to have.  For the first time in many years, I did not go Black Friday shopping.  We did get up on Friday morning and go to one store before we ate breakfast.  That was all the shopping I could get Drew and Bob to do!   We hung around all morning and then we headed home.

Friday night I put up one Christmas tree.  The kids were SOOO excited!!  I’ve slowly been getting out decorations all weekend and they are loving it!  Will thought Saturday was actually Christmas.  I had to keep disappointing him and telling him it was many days away.  Last night I got the kids’ little trees for their rooms and had them in there when they woke up.  They were again so excited to see them.  Now we just need to get them decorated!  We are still waiting on our brand new tree to arrive.  And of course the outside still needs decorations.  The kids have really enjoyed the holidays this year.  They are really starting to get it!

Saturday was our last home Wake Forest game of the season.  I tried to stay home, just so I could get a lot of decorating done, but Drew convinced me to go.  I wish I had stayed home.   It was a horrible loss for the Deacs.  Lindy threw up at the game too.  She ate all her snack and then got choked on a piece of a pretzel and upchucked.  Good times. 

Today we had church and then the kids had practice for the Christmas program at the church.  They are going to be a cow and a sheep in the program.  Lindy is a bit of a wandering sheep but what’s new!

That’s all folks.  Now some pictures of our week!

Playing with the leavesDSC_4752DSC_4753DSC_4761DSC_4770DSC_4774Drew and I were working out early one morning when Little Miss woke up.  She did the cool down part with us!  DSC_4801DSC_4803DSC_4805Playing with Pooka at Mimo’s.  Phoebe was around some when we first got there but hid most of the rest of the time we were there.DSC_5016DSC_5023DSC_5025DSC_5026Hanging with Suzette!DSC_5027GrandBob telling Will a story!DSC_5031I don’t remember why she was upset but Will was taking care of her. DSC_5065So sweet!DSC_5069Just plugged the Christmas tree lights in!DSC_5070So excited!DSC_5073He loves the Christmas lights!DSC_5075Someone decided a jump rope should be the first decoration on the tree.DSC_5076My cute church-dressed kids!DSC_5090DSC_5092

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