Sunday, September 5, 2010

School – Fevers – No School

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It’s time for the weekly review.  Monday Drew and I went to observe the classroom where Lindy is going to school.  Janice came to play with the kids while we were gone.  They always have a good time with Janice!

Tuesday we had a meeting with the school system and we took Lindy with us, since it was about her.  I plan to do an entire post on Lindy and the entire school situation soon.  It was an interesting process.  Our friend Louise from our old church came to stay with Will.  I know they read a ton of books which is a great time according to Will!   Tuesday evening we went out to eat with a couple from our new church.  We got to try a new restaurant and had a very enjoyable evening.

Wednesday was obviously the big day of the week.  Lindy started preschool!  The same morning, Will came down with a fever.  A pretty good fever that took him out.  He went with us to pick up Lindy from school but he fell asleep on the way home.  When Will doesn’t feel good he wants to either rock in the recliner with us or lay on us on the couch.  He always falls asleep which is so sweet and pitiful.  When we asked him what hurt he would tell us his cheek hurt and would point to his face, kind of where your neck and jaw line meet.  I thought maybe he meant his throat and just didn’t know how else to tell us.  He didn’t want dinner that evening which means he really didn’t feel good!

Thursday was supposed to be Will’s first day of preschool.  There was no way we were taking him though, with a good fever and him acting like he felt so bad.  I can’t believe he missed his first day of preschool.  That would only happen to us! 

Thursday morning we got up and took Lindy to school and this time she cried a little when I left.  Her teacher got her interested in a purse and apparently she stopped crying almost immediately.  I told her teacher Will had a fever and to just watch her.  We had thought about taking Will to the walk-in clinic at the doctor’s office but he was acting fine.  Around 10am the phone rings and it’s Lindy’s teacher telling me she has a low fever.  I headed to get her, about an hour early from school.   They said it was so low-grade that if she was acting okay then I could still bring her on Friday.  Will had been fine when I left but his fever shot up and he was feeling horrible when I got home.  Lindy seemed to act pretty fine the rest of the day.  Will was okay with some medicine.  He did wake up with a fever again in the middle of the night.

Thursday evening was the first Wake Forest football game of the year.  Since the kids weren’t on their death beds, we went ahead and went.  Janice came back to watch the kids – twice in one week!  She said Lindy acted fine all night and they had a great time playing. 

Friday morning Lindy was fine, no fever, so she went to school.  She cried again when I left her.  They said she actually cried for a good while this time.  I had warned her teacher that she has a VP shunt and that if she ever hits her head exceptionally hard, that we need to know about it.  I told her some signs of shunt malfunction as well.  Her teacher called again Friday morning around 8:45am to let me know that she had fallen backwards and hit her head and that she had been crying on and off all morning.  I told her I’m sure she was fine, it probably scared her, and that I wanted to give her some more time before we went to get her.  She said that was fine and apparently they headed outside soon after she called me and Lindy was fine after that.  They said she loved the slide and was happy after playing on that for awhile. 

I did end up taking Will to the doctor and they did a strep test and it was negative.  I just wanted to check before the weekend started.  He did not enjoy his first strep test!

We are ALL adjusting to Lindy going to school.  We’re all having to get up early.  I think it was new and fun for her the first day and that it wasn’t so new and fun the second and third days.  I think she caught on to maybe she was going to go there everyday!  I’m so thankful for the long weekend but I think we’ll have to start over again on Tuesday.  Will is having to adjust as well.  He has never been alone so much.  He hasn’t enjoyed playing by himself this week.  I’m used to being able to do some stuff around the house and he wasn’t liking that this week!  He’s been my little shadow!  I think it’ll get better with time, especially when he starts school this week.

Lindy’s teacher told us she was quite popular at school!  How funny is that?  She said that everyone says she is cute and wants to know her name.   She also said that Lindy and another little girl in her class, Katie, bonded a little on Friday.  She said they played well together.  A new friend for Lindy!

It’s hard to think the kids are old enough to start preschool.  I really feel like this is the beginning of the end.  From here on out, they’ll be in school.   Life as we know it is over!

Second day of school.DSC_2008    On Friday afternoon, Lindy walked straight into a wall.  I was right behind her but couldn’t stop it.  That was part of the problem though, she was turned around looking at me.  She got her second goose egg ever. The purple spot right next to her thumb.  She has a nice bruise now. DSC_2010 DSC_2011 Playtime with Daddy.DSC_2013 The kids were ready for some football on Sat.  We were pulling for the App State Mountaineers on Sat.  DSC_2024 DSC_2027 TOUCHDOWN!DSC_2035 This evening Will was in a public display of affection mood.  He first started out laying a big kiss and hug on Lindy.  Then he wanted to hug and kiss Daddy.  Then he kissed and hugged me.  Then he had to kiss and hug himself.  It was pretty funny.  Here he is hugging himself.DSC_2045 Lindy got in on the hugging herself action.DSC_2044 They were feeling so lovable that they even hugged the new china cabinet!DSC_2041 Will’s favorite game these days is hide and seek.  I lose count how many times a day he says, ‘Hey, you wanna play hide and seek?”  This is where he was hiding this evening!DSC_2046

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i know katie! i use to work with her! i hope she is doing well. :)