Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Lindy’s 1st day of Preschool

Miss Thang had her first day of preschool today!  She was a rock star!  We got to her school and went to her classroom and she was playing around, checking everything out.  Drew and I had to fill out paperwork so we were in the room for a little while.  Two other students came in but they really didn’t interact at all.  Then the speech teacher came down and got the two other kids so it was just Lindy.  After we filled out everything we needed to, the head hearing impaired teacher for the county took us on a tour of the school.  Drew told Lindy bye and she said, “Bye Daddy.  I love you.”  Then she gave me a kiss, told me bye and that was it!  No tears whatsoever!  We walked around the school and at one point walked back by the classroom and she was sitting like a big girl in a chair and was working with the teacher.  And she was smiling!   We felt great that it went so well. 

Super Duper Uncle Ed, as we like to call him these days because he’s babysat twice for us in the last couple weeks (this morning being at 7am!), came and stayed with Will while we took Lindy.  It was a little bit of a hurried morning.  The alarm going off in the 5 o’clock hour was not cool.  I got the kids up at 6:30am and got Lindy completely ready.  We went down for breakfast, which she really didn’t eat much of.  We loaded her up and pulled out.  She said, “Bye Uncle Ed.  Bye Will.”  That kind of got me because we hadn’t really let them tell each other bye since we were in kind of a hurry.

We got to the school and were told we could head down to her classroom.  All the teachers were standing in their doorways, waiting for their kids to arrive, and they were all so sweet saying how cute she was.  It actually made us feel pretty good, just to see so many nice and friendly people around. 

We left her at school feeling great!  We got home and walked in the door and heard Will say, “Mommy, Daddy, and Lindy are home.”  He saw us and then went to the back door to look for Lindy.  Then he walked around the whole downstairs looking for Lindy.  Then he started asking, “Where’s Lindy?”  That is when I finally got sad.  He was so sweet looking for her.  At one point he thought she had gone up the stairs and started saying, “No Lindy, you have to stop on the 2nd step.”  He said it a couple times as if she had broken the house rule and gone up by herself.  I’ll admit that it made me cry! 

To take our mind of our sweet girl, Will and I went to Wal Mart.  Doesn’t Wal Mart make everyone feel better?  I told him after we were done shopping we’d go pick up Lindy.  Most of our time there he kept telling me he wanted to go pick up Lindy. 

While we were at Wal Mart I noticed that he seemed really tired.  I thought it was just from getting up early.  When we got back home, Drew gave him a hug and asked me if he felt hot.  As soon as I felt him I knew he had a temperature.  We sat on the couch and he wanted to be held until we all left to go pick up Lindy. 

We got there early so we had to wait a little while.  The bus pulled up to get a couple students in her classroom.  Then Lindy and her teacher, Mrs. A, came walking around the bus.  She looked like such a big girl with her book bag on her back and carrying her little cooler!  Mrs. A said she had a great morning!  She said she never cried.  They played with play-doh, did her hearing therapy, sang songs, had a snack. 

We are SO PROUD of her!!  She truly is an amazing little girl. 

On the way home Will fell asleep in the car.  He ate a little lunch and then wanted to be held in the recliner.  It’s obvious he doesn’t feel good. 

Will was supposed to start school tomorrow.  It was going to be his first day of preschool.  BUT you are supposed to be fever free for 24 hours.   Even if he wakes up feeling fine, he won’t have been fever free for 24 hours.  Looks like Little Man is going to miss his first day of school.  What a bummer.  Our kids have been so sheltered from other kids and germs that I guess even thinking about school makes them sick.  What one gets the other usually always gets.  Hopefully Lindy will be able to get to school the rest of the week.  So the sickies begin!

Here are some pictures from our day.

Eating breakfast on her big day!DSC_1964 Sweet girl with her backpack! DSC_1967 One last picture with Will.  Who was more interested in taking pictures!DSC_1969 Wearing her backpack!DSC_1971 DSC_1974 DSC_1975 Rear view shot!DSC_1972 Heading to preschool!DSC_1973 Outside her new school!DSC_1978 DSC_1979 DSC_1982 Walking to her room!DSC_1984 Putting her bags in her cubby!DSC_1986 I asked if I could take a picture of Lindy and her teachers and they kneeled on the ground.  Goofball decided to lay down beside them!DSC_1987And the real picture:  Mrs. A on the left and Ms. T on the right.DSC_1990

She did great and we are so proud.  I hope tomorrow goes as smoothly!


Janice said...

So, so proud of Miss Lindy! She'll have them all wrapped around her little finger in no time, like the rest of us.

pohren said...

Such a big girl to be headed to school! Her twin girlfriends Katherine and Caroline are going this Tuesday. We are praying it goes as well as for Miss Lindy. (we have our doubts...) Hope Will feels better soon and has a great start to preschool too.