Sunday, September 26, 2010

First Full Week of School

That’s right, Lindy went to school all five days, Will went to school two days and he went to speech two other days.  We managed to stay healthy this week and make it to school everyday. 

Lindy’s teacher likes to have parent sessions to show the parents what she is doing in class with the kids and what we can carry over working on at home.  Our first parent session was on Monday.  She is done with class at 11:30am so we did it right after class.  Lindy was NOT cooperative at all.  It was a little frustrating.  She wouldn’t do things I know she can do!  She did do a couple things her teacher couldn’t get her to do (like say her animal sounds) so I guess that was good.  I’m sure she was tired and when we got home and I took her hearing aids out for nap time, neither one was on.  Her teacher checks them every morning but the batteries must have died during the morning.  We will do these parent sessions every Monday so hopefully she will cooperate a little more tomorrow!

Lindy has been doing a strange thing at school.  She has been throwing/spitting up.  I have no idea what it’s all about.  Her teacher says she seems fine and then lets out a cry and throws up.  The first time she did it it was quite a bit and I had to go pick her up.  She’s done it 2-3 more times and her teacher said it’s just been a small amount, she doesn’t have a fever, and seems fine, so she has let her stay.  We feed Lindy breakfast every morning but some of the other kids eat at school.  Because Lindy saw them eating she wanted to eat so I started taking her a banana so she could sit at the table with them and eat something too.  So she spit that up a couple times and I said no more banana.  Next I tried cheerios and she did good on those for a few days and eventually spit up again.  Now I think we won’t be having any snack when she gets to school.  She doesn’t do this at home, never on the weekends.  I don’t know if she is just getting full or what.  We are going to skip the early snack and hope that helps.  I haven’t seen her throw up in months.

The other Lindy thing of the week was that Drew took her to school for the first time on Friday.  I thought he’d taken her before but he hadn’t.  She is completely fine when Will and I drop her off now.  She never cries anymore.  Well apparently she isn’t fine with Drew dropping her off.  I guess she just wasn’t used to it because Drew said he left her on the floor pitching a big royal fit!  Her teacher said it was over in a second but she showed them a new side Friday!  Hopefully she’ll be fine when I leave her tomorrow!

Will kept busy with preschool on Tuesday and Thursday this week and speech on Wednesday and Friday.  His preschool teacher told me on Thursday that he had talked a lot more that day.  She said he has been very quiet at school but finally opened up a little.  I have been wondering how he acts at school.  He is shy around new people but they hadn’t said anything before so I didn’t know he hadn’t been talking much.  I hope he continues to come out of his shell so they can see his cute little personality.  Of course once he starts talking he might not stop!  Although Will really likes going to speech and seeing his speech teacher, he totally doesn’t need to be there.   Right now he is still in the preschool intake system and they have to release him from their system.  As soon as they do, he will go into the system at the school we go to for speech and then we can retest him.  He’s doing so well that she is working on things with him that she said she normally does with 7 and 8 year olds.  Yeah, he doesn’t need speech! 

The kids had their music class on Wednesday and they both love it.  The first class we went to the parents all stayed in the class but this week it was just the kids in the class and the parents waited outside.  The teacher said Lindy did great in there.  I’m happy to hear that.  I think they are really enjoying music class!

Friday at lunch we took GrandBob to the Deacon Grille for an early birthday lunch.  Today (the 26th) is dear old GrandBob’s birthday.  Happy Birthday old geezer!  The Deacon Grille is the restaurant up in the Deacon Tower at BB&T Field where Wake Forest plays football. The Deacon Tower (the press box and luxury boxes) is only a couple years old and a really cool place.  GrandBob had never been in it so I think he really enjoyed his lunch.  Ed and Jamie joined us and we had a great time.  We got to the see the field from a different view and we got to dream of having a luxury box.   It’s a nice dream!

Saturday we had Katie, Kris, Micah, Claire, and Ed over to watch Wake play.  Wake is not good this year, but it was still fun to have everyone over.  Katie taught me how to make bows so we kept busy doing that.  Now if I can just get Lindy to wear the bows we’d be all set! 

This afternoon we got to celebrate Miss Claire’s second birthday.  Although the rain cancelled the original park plan, we still had fun at Claire’s house.  Because Claire is about the same size as my kids and talks pretty well she seems older than 2.  We hope Claire had a good party!

And now our week in pictures:

Lindy is usually an easy going kid.  But she does have a temper.  I think this day she wasn’t happy that I wouldn’t hold her.  So pitiful!DSC_2400 So mad and yet still able to drink from her cup!DSC_2403 It’d been awhile since I took bath pictures.  I like to have fun with Lindy’s hair in the bath!  Lindy’s favorite bath toys are the little Elmo and Ernie.DSC_2405 Will likes the letters and numbers.DSC_2407 DSC_2412 DSC_2413 DSC_2418 DSC_2419 Will still thinks Lindy is the funniest thing ever when he’s already out of the bath and she is still in the bath.DSC_2424 DSC_2432 Dressed in yellow for school on Thursday.DSC_2437 Will thought this ad from the paper was super fun to play with.DSC_2439And the only thing more fun than the ad was the box that arrived in our mail filled with hand me down clothes from my sister to Lindy.DSC_2442  DSC_2443 Heading to church this morning.DSC_2452 No clue what they are doing but it’s funny!DSC_2450 The Deacon Tower where we took GrandBob for lunch.deacon tower DSCN1354Playing today at Claire’s birthday party.DSC_2454  Katie, Kris, and ClaireDSC_2456 Claire blowing out her cute owl cupcakes.DSC_2461 Will and his ladies!DSC_2465 The last few Sundays we’ve had things going on so we’ve eaten popcorn for dinner.  Lindy loves her some popcorn.  DSC_2472 Popcorn tastes better when eaten from a box. DSC_2471 OMG – this popcorn lover is so cute!!!DSC_2478

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