Sunday, September 19, 2010

More Sickies and a New Music Class

We seemed to have a really busy week.  It went by so fast we must have been busy. 

I thought it was going to be Lindy’s first full week of school.  But the girl ended up getting sick, a couple different times.  They called me on Wednesday morning and said she had thrown up.  They said that she was acting completely normal, even after she threw up but if they throw up at school they have to go home.  She came home and acted completely normal and ate normal.  She went back to school on Thursday and was fine, then woke up from her nap with a fever.  She kept the fever all night and in the morning, so she missed school on Friday as well.  The strange thing was that she was acting normal.  Eating and playing as usual, she just had a fever.  She actually kept the fever all day Friday and most of Saturday. She hasn’t had a fever today so she’ll be going back to school tomorrow.  I hate the unexplained fever.  Drives a mama nuts!

To cut down on some of my driving around town like a taxi service, I’ve taken Will with me a few days this week when I dropped Lindy off at school.  Monday morning he got to stand outside with one of Lindy’s teachers and help her with car rider duty!  The other two days he walked inside with me.  One morning they held hands and walked down the hall.  This was all their idea too.  Then another student, in 4th or 5th grade came up and thought they were cute and held Lindy’s hand and they all walked down the hall together.  It was so sweet!  After we dropped Lindy off a couple days we went to a park near Lindy’s school.  One morning we met and walked with Katie and Claire and then another morning we walked by ourselves.  It was nice to save gas and be outside doing something.  I think we might continue to do this.

Will didn’t have speech Wednesday morning but he did have it on Friday.  We are just waiting for him to get into the school system database so we can retest him and exit the speech therapy. 

The most fun thing we did this week was go to a music class.  I thought this would be something fun they can do together since they both love music.  We went to the first class on Wednesday afternoon and they did have fun dancing around.  There were 4 other kids, in fact a set of twin boys were in there as well.  The twin boys did not enjoy music class so I don’t know if they will be back.  I think we will join the class because they did seem to have fun. 

We had a busy weekend full of fun activities.  Friday night we had an old friend of Drew’s from middle school and his wife and daughter over for dinner.  Hannah will be 3 in December.  The kids had a lot of fun with their new friend.  Although Lindy seemed more interested in Greg.  She likes the men apparently.  Saturday afternoon Mimo and Aunt Anna came to visit.  Anna and I had to run some errands so the kids got to wear Mimo out for a little.  Saturday evening we went to a spaghetti dinner at our church.  Today we had church and then a wedding shower for Uncle Ed and soon-to-be Aunt Jamie.  It was a fun weekend with friends and family.

Preschool has seriously cut into the number of pictures I take each week.  Here is what I have from the week. 

DSC_2271DSC_2326  He’s a mechanically minded little fellow.  Trying to figure out how things work.DSC_2328 Like mother like daughter.DSC_2337 Lindy’s first school art project!  Have no clue what it is or how they made it, but it’s the most beautiful red thing picture ever!DSC_2341 I got the kids their first board game recently and we tried it out this week.  It was interesting.  They liked spinning the spinner a lot!DSC_2344 DSC_2342 Mimo!DSC_2348 Aunt AnnaDSC_2354 The happy couple we showered today.  Ed and JamieDSC_2376 Lindy with cousin MollyDSC_2356 DSC_2383 My biggest coup of the week was finding CUTE church shoes to fit Lindy’s new braces.  I got so lucky and the first pair I got worked.  That has never happened!  So excited!  I’m pretty bitter about the fact that Lindy can’t have all the little cute girly shoes I dreamed about my daughter having.  So I get excited when I find something besides white and pink sneakers to fit her braces!DSC_2385

The dress Lindy wore today is actually a dress she had last summer.  Yeah, she grows so slow that she can wear some dresses from last summer.  Man, she sure has changed!!

July 5, 2009DSC_0202Today!DSC_2390


Andrea said...

So glad school is going do well!

I had to smile at Lindy's dress. Molly wore the same dress for Easter last year! Too cute!

Erin said...

The beautiful red artwork may be painting with apples, like a print. My twins did it this last week at preschool too.