Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day

Today we headed to Salisbury and we checked out the Dan Nicholas State Park.  We met up with GrandBob and Suzette.  If you live anywhere close, you should check it out!  It really is a neat place for kids.

They have a little train ride, a carousel, paddle boats, a barn with animals, a nature center with snakes and fish, a wildlife area with all kinds of animals (black bears, foxes, deer, etc.), a splash pad, and some playgrounds.  They even had a gem mine and a mini golf course but we didn’t do those.  Most things cost 50 cents or a dollar to do. 

It was a fun day exploring everything the park had to offer.  The low point was when Will slid and fell and cut the back of his head.  He thankfully recovered quickly and let me clean it up.  We also got run out of a picnic shelter but they pointed us to another area a short distance away.

Getting ready to ride the train!DSC_2051 DSC_2049 DSC_2058 DSC_2059 The itty bitty train.  It was a tight squeeze for Drew and I in one car!DSC_2064 The one and only picture I’m in.  And I took it myself!DSC_2070 Getting ready to ride the carousel.  I was going to take pictures during the ride but I couldn’t because it was moving too fast!  There was no way I was letting go of Lindy.  But I think it was the first carousel ride Lindy has ever enjoyed.  Today she was smiling and saying, “Weeeee!”DSC_2073 DSC_2076 DSC_2074 DSC_2080 DSC_2082 We took a walk around the lake.DSC_2091 Looked at animals in the barn.  DSC_2099 DSC_2107 DSC_2101 Saw some wild animals (in cages!)DSC_2112  Played at the playground!DSC_2114 DSC_2117 DSC_2120 And was unsuccessful at getting the kids to look in the holes at the same time.DSC_2124 DSC_2125

All in all, a fun, hot day!

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