Sunday, June 13, 2010

Lake Junaluska 2010

We have been away most of the week.  We spent from Wednesday till today in the NC mountains at Lake Junaluska.  Drew has an annual ministers’ meeting up there and the kids and I go along for a vacation.  This is the kids 3rd trip to Lake Junaluska.  Click on 2008 or 2009 to see how they have changed!
Before I talk more about our annual trip to the Lake I have to back up to the beginning of the week.

Monday was a LONG morning for Drew and me.  We had to go write the kids’ IEPs.  We started at 9am with Lindy and finally finished hers around 12:15pm.  Will’s only took 45 minutes because he is just getting speech services.  We went through their evaluation results and Drew and I felt some were ridiculously low, specifically in categories like cognitive development and social and emotional development.  When we asked about this they gave us the list of how they determine these things.  Lindy had to get everything in each age category for her to get credit.  These thing don’t take into account hearing loss or vision loss.  A lot of them were based on language things which we all know is Lindy’s struggle.  Lindy could do a ton of things in each category but there might be one language component she couldn’t do and she couldn’t get credit.  They told us a few times to take the results with a grain of salt.  Lindy will receive speech, physical therapy, occupational therapy, vision therapy, and hearing therapy. In the end we thought everything went well.  We had Lindy’s early intervention specialist, her hearing and vision teachers, and our parent advocate there with us.  We all worked together and wrote her IEP.  The fun comes when we move in the next couple weeks and we have to transfer their IEPs to a new school system.  Stay tuned for how that goes!  The kids were home with Janice, our trusty babysitter.  I had to call her around 11am and make sure she didn’t have anything else to do because we weren’t anywhere near finished.  Thankfully she was able to stay till we got home!

Lindy’s only other appointment this week was physical therapy with Heather.  It had been about a month since her last appointment because Lindy got sick and we had to cancel her appointment.  Lindy resisted a little bit but did pretty well.

Wednesday afternoon we left and headed to the mountains.  We got up to Katie’s parents’ house and unloaded our stuff.  We ate dinner at Granny’s Chicken Palace.  We had always seen this place but had never eaten there.  Katie, Micah, and Claire got to the house late Wednesday evening. 

Thursday we got up and headed out to do some hiking.  Transylvania County is called the land of the waterfalls.  Last year we hiked to a few waterfalls so we decided to do it again this year.  We stopped and had a picnic lunch first and then headed to the Pisgah Wildlife Center where we fed fish at the fish hatchery.  We left there and went to Slick Rock Falls and then we drove and got on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  We stopped at Graveyard Fields and we hiked to two different waterfalls.  The lower one had a little pool where you could take yours shoes off and play in the water.  Will had a great time.  It took Lindy a little while to warm up to the cool water.  Of course they both ended up sitting in the water so they both needed new clothes when we were done.  Will walked the entire day.  We picked waterfalls with close hikes so Will could walk.  I borrowed Katie’s ergo carrier and wore Lindy on my back.  She has trouble with uneven surfaces so it would have been hard for her.  It would have been too hard to just carry her regularly too.  The ergo was great.  Will and Drew almost stepped on a snake.  The snake slithered by on one of the trails and Drew had to pull Will back.  Makes my stomach turn just thinking about it! After the waterfalls we headed back to the lake and met up with Mike and Janice, who were the conference delegates from our church, and Drew’s friend Richard and his wife Kristin for dinner at our favorite restaurant Butts On the Creek.

Friday morning Drew headed down to his meetings and I got the kids ready and we walked down to the lake as well.  We met up with Drew’s dad and Suzette, who were delegates from their district.  Bob hung out with the kids and me for awhile.  We took the kids to the playground and played.  We headed back up the hill for lunch with more friends, Drew and Vaughan.  Drew was one of Palmyra’s summer interns a couple summers ago.  Friday evening we had dinner in downtown Waynesville with Katie and kids, and Drew and Vaughan. 

Saturday morning the kids and I got ready and we headed down to lake again.  We walked around some of the lake and happened to meet up with Janice.  We also met up with Suzette and we just played with the kids while the guys were all in the business session.  We went out to lunch with Mike, Janice, Bob and Suzette.  Last night we had dinner at the mountain house with Katie, Kris, and our friends Richard and Kristin.  We did a low country boil and it was awesome! 

This morning we packed up and headed home.  We are going to get unpacked and then start packing up again.  We’re moving!!  Drew is getting a new church and so we are moving.  We get our rental house on the 15th so we’ll probably start taking boxes over during the week.  The movers aren’t coming until the 21st to get the furniture.  What a crazy week it will be. Trying to pack with two little kids hasn’t been easy so far!

Here is our week in pictures.

Last week’s church outfits.  I LOVE Lindy’s dress. DSC_0765 DSC_0768DSC_0810 DSC_0818 Longing to get outside. DSC_0827We backed off potty training until after we move but we still use the potty.  Lindy peed on the potty and Will pooped on the potty this week.  Both successes in my book.DSC_0828  Playing on the potty.DSC_0833 Getting ready to ride to the mountains.DSC_0839 We made it!DSC_0849 DSC_0841 Dinner at Granny’sDSC_0851 Our picnic lunch at the rhododendron thicket.DSC_0854DSC_0855DSC_0868DSC_0871Going to the fish hatchery.DSC_0875 FISH! (rainbow trout, brown trout, and brook trout)DSC_0879 DSC_0881 Slick Rock Falls DSC_0906 DSC_0900 “Come back to me.  Come back to Cold Mountain.”DSC_0926 My two hiking boys.DSC_0936 The girls.DSC_0944 The Second Falls at Graveyard Fields.DSC_0939 The Yellowstone Falls at Graveyard Fields.DSC_0953 Playing in the water.DSC_0959 She thought it was too cold at first.DSC_0964 They loved throwing rocks and making splashes.DSC_0973 DSC_0976 “Hands wet!”DSC_0983 DSC_1011 DSC_0996 Thursday night at Butts On the Creek.DSC_1021Playing with GrandBob. DSC_1029  Soaking up the Methodism at annual conference in a really cute shirt.DSC_1033 Our friends Drew and Vaughan, who are moving to Alabama and whom we’ll miss.DSC_1041 The annual porch swing picture.DSC_1044 Lindy and Claire having a little girl time.DSC_1048 Claire, Micah, Lindy, and Will in downtown Waynesville.DSC_1063 Will likes to ride like this in his car seat.DSC_1068 Enjoying Lake Junaluska on a foggy morning.DSC_1075 One of the many roses along the rose walk.DSC_1099 Playing on the sleeping porch upstairs.DSC_1114 
Phew that was a lot of pictures. 43 of the 311 I took last week.  Out of all of those pictures I didn’t get any of Katie, Kris, Suzette, Mike, or Janice.   Sorry guys! 


Cheryl said...

Sounds like a wonderful vacation. We have driven thur there,but never stopped.

Love the pics!

Andrea said...

Your little ones are so cute! I got all caught up on your blog. I enjoyed reading all of it. Good luck on your move. I still have a smile on my face of picture where they are looking out over the deck through the wood. I love pictures like that. If only someone could be on the other side taking the picture at the exact same time. Too sweet! Take care, Andrea