Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Circle of Life

I'm just getting to my weekly post because we were out of town at the end of the week. More on that in a minute.

I am the proud aunt of another baby girl, Rylee Jean, born on Friday June 6 at 11:39am to my sister Amy. She weighed 7 pounds 15 ounces and was 20 inches long. She was born at 37 weeks and is doing well. She apparently looks exactly like her big sister, Hayley, and in fact weighed the exact same and was 1/4 of an inch longer. Congrats Amy, Lee, and Hayley! We look forward to meeting the newest family member this summer!

Approximately 15 hours later, my grandfather passed away. Hence, the title of my post, the circle of life. He lived in Maryville, MO and passed away after a short illness. Three weeks ago he was a young 91 year old tooling around town and hanging out with his friends at the coffee shop and my grandmother at the nursing home. He was the best grandfather ever. He was one of the kindest, funniest, wittiest people I ever met. We have a trip planned to MO at the end of July and Lindy and Will were going to finally get to meet their great-grandparents. I am so saddened that I had not seen him in a long time and that he did not get to meet my babies. I do wonder if he has met my other baby, Adam, though. Although my grandfather went by David, he was William David. I would have given anything to have had a picture of the two Williams together. He will be greatly missed. Because of some family circumstances, we will be having a service in July when everyone had already planned to be there.

The beginning of last week was better than the end. Monday Lindy had occupational therapy. The therapist was pleased with her recent developments (rolling, reaching for toys, etc.) We are to work more on sitting and tummy time in the coming weeks. Tuesday we had the DHHP (deaf and hard of hearing program) work with us and Lindy. We have homework for the week! Just little things to help Lindy become aware of sound. When we hear a noise we are to put our finger to our ear and say, "I hear." Then we are to show Lindy the sound. We are to put ringing phones next to her and tell people to knock on the door again so we can show her where the sound is coming from. Nothing too hard, just something we have to remind ourselves to do!

Wednesday morning we went and got Lindy's new ear molds and her very own pink hearing aides! After what seems like waiting forever for insurance issues, she finally got her own hearing aides. She pulls them out just like the other ones so she doesn't seem phased by the transition. We are positive she is hearing us. We are making all kinds of noises to her and she is smiling at us. It's a different smile then when you are tickling or kissing her. It's the sweetest thing ever!

Wednesday afternoon we left on our 1st vacation! Drew has a yearly ministers' meeting, Annual Conference, at Lake Junaluska, NC, up in the mountains. Well, he goes for work, I go for the vacation! The kids did great on the ride up there, about a 3.5 hour drive. One would think that it would be nice and cool up in the mountains, and apparently it usually is, but not this week! It turned out HOT. And the place we were staying, didn't have air conditioning!! We love where we stay, with some friends at her parents' house, but it did get interesting being so hot with little babies! We ended up stripping them down to diapers many times. Drew attended his meetings and we played at the house. We did get to eat out and drive around the area a bit. We went to K-Mart in search of air conditioning one time! The weekend was a little bit overshadowed by the grim news of my grandfather's health. We left late Saturday morning and had a long ride home. We ate lunch in Black Mountain and had to stop and feed and change babies. It's always good to get back home and into our own beds.

Today I have set up our blow-up pool and have water in it warming up. We are having a heat wave and it is hot. Today got to 99ยบ. The kids will be going swimming this week! Of course there will be pics next week!

And what you all really came for, the pictures of our week.

The rolling master of the house. He started over on the blanket on the right side of the picture and this is where he ended up. Yes, he rolls around objects and even turns corners! Super Will!

A sweet Lindy outfit!

In Lake Junaluska, at the mountain house. This is one of our favorite restaurants in the area. The babies enjoyed their first trip to this fine eating establishment for some BBQ.

We braved the heat Friday afternoon and took the babies for a little walk down by the lake. We saw some of Drew's pastor friends and got to see the pretty lake. The babies did great in the stroller. Our little family at the beautiful Lake Junaluska.

This is how the babies hung out quite a bit! Look at those bellies!
The mountain house has an awesome front porch and swing. Last year when I was pregnant I sat on this swing for almost the entire trip and read and relaxed. What a difference a year makes! Our friends Katie, Kris, and little Micah. Katie's parents own the house where we stay.
Will was getting a bit antsy in his car seat. This is when we stopped to feed them in Hickory. He didn't want to get back in!
And lastly, a sweet Lindy smile.


Amanda said...

Great pictures. Lindy is changing so much! Her smiles are adorable.

Frenda and Pete said...

Who would have thought they the Southern Babies would get Budda Bellies. Love the babies in diapers. LOVE & KISSES