Friday, June 13, 2008

We love summertime!!

We blew up the pool, filled it with water, and the babies went swimming! It was great to be outside, getting some fresh air. We got these really cool floats from Target and they work so well. Will just laid back and enjoyed himself both days we were out there. The first day Lindy was checking things out but the second day she laid back and relaxed too. It is nice to have something new to take up some time in the day.
Tuesday morning we had Chris, from the DHHP (deaf and hard of hearing program) come work with Lindy. We have started introducing sounds to her, like meow, woof-woof, and neigh. She does seem to hear them when we do them.

Friday I took Lindy to the audiologist and we tried to put her in the booth. This is where they feed sounds into her ears and she is supposed to turn and see a light-up dog. It didn't go that well. She is not ready yet. I personally feel that her vision is an issue. The dog is 3 feet away so who knows how well she sees it. There were times where it looked like she turned, but we couldn't be positive. We are going to try again in about 6 weeks.

The biggest news of the week is that it looks like Lindy might be cutting some teeth! You can tell on her lower gums that something is happening. She has acted fine though. I was just looking around in her mouth and saw them and was shocked. Haven't felt or seen anything yet for Will. I'm glad Lindy might get to reach one milestone first!

Not a lot has happened this week for old Willy boy. He is getting very close to crawling. He has finally gotten up on his knees a little bit the last couple days and rocked a little bit. It won't be long before we will be chasing him. What fun! He got to go to the Father-Son breakfast this morning with Drew and Grandbob. I think he probably enjoyed his time out with the men!

Here are more pictures from the week!

Learning to sit and share!
Is this not too funny? She can make the most pitiful faces, for no good reason!

I loved Lindy's new bracelet. She gives new meaning to wearing lots of bangles!

Old Will has recently started trying to escape his bouncy chair. This particular day he managed to twist himself around. He is seriously programmed to be on his belly.

What a sweet girl!
You'll never imagine this, but another picture of the smiley Will! He smiles ALL the time!
Just a couple of cute nuggets!


Erin said...

Your babies are getting so big, growing and changing so fast! I have noticed Lindy's hair looks sort of it just the light or is it really red? Such a beauty she is! Mr. Will does seem to be a happy camper and mellow! Our girls are doing good, we get some of those pitiful looks as well, and such drama that sometimes you have to laugh! Hope you see you all in July when you visit MO.
Love, Erin

Jamie said...

I've never commented on my own blog but thought this was a good way to answer the previous question.

It's not the lighting, Lindy's hair does have a red hint to it! I'm very curious to see how it turns out. A nice strawberry blond would be cool!

Erin, I want to have a little birthday party for the babies while we are in MO so I hope you guys can come! More details in a few weeks!

Lauree said...

Yeah!! Another strawberry blonde/redhead in the family!! Since my girls definitely didn't get my hair, I'm glad to see one of the more obvious Crozier traits carried on in another part of the family:) Cassie and Ruby are looking forward to meeting Will and Lindy in Missouri in a few weeks.

Jodi said...

Thank you so much for introducing yourself. I absolutely loved looking at the pictures of Will and Lindy. How adorable are they? It looks like I found another blog that I'll be addicted to.

God Bless!

Anonymous said...

Jamie- I have finally decided the kids look like you. It was one particular shot of lindy that I could really see you in and then the more I looked at Will there it was. Usually I am terrible at deciding which parent kids look like. Even my own kids! (though everyone says brooke looks like me!). They are some cute babies! (yours and mine haha!).
angie c