Thursday, June 19, 2008

Drew's First Father's Day

Drew had his first Father's Day and I think he had a nice day. Between church, visiting people in the hospital, and a meeting, it probably wasn't as relaxing as it could have been. We did go out for lunch though. The day before, Saturday morning, Drew's dad came up and went to the Father-Son Breakfast at our church. Young Will also went to his first Father-Son Breakfast. From what I hear he was making friends and influencing people.

The fathers and sons
The babies in bed with their father's day card, waiting for daddy to come see them.
Drew and his sweet baby girl.
Drew and his sweet baby boy.
Lindy's shirt said, "My Dad Rocks" and Will's said, "Cool Like My Daddy."
Lindy went to Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor on Tuesday to check on her vocal cords. Lindy didn't take kindly to having a probe stuck down her nostrils. Because of her crying and squirming it was really hard to get a good look at her vocal cords. From what he could tell, he said the left one is still paralyzed. They still don't do anything at this point, except monitor it. I also had him look in her ears to see if there is anything wrong with her left ear because she will NOT leave her hearing aid alone on that side. He said everything looks fine, she is apparently just annoyed with it!

Wednesday Lindy had occupational therapy. The OT said she is doing well and to continue working on sitting and tummy time. I did not get the full scoop because I wasn't actually at home for the appointment.

I went to the March of Dimes lunch where they recognized the top teams and money walkers. We had one other family team raise more money than we did and one other person raised more money than I did. Now we have something to strive for next year!!!
Of course we went swimming again this week. Mommy was having fun playing with Lindy's crazy long hair in the front of her head!
This is how we found Will one morning in his crib. He was in the very bottom corner of his crib. Must have been cozy!
This week we had a few play dates with friends and their babies. Tuesday evening our friends Will, Amy, and their kids Grayson, Davis, and Anna came out for dinner. I missed any picture opportunities because our babies went to bed pretty soon after they got here. We will miss them when they move next week.

Wednesday night we went and spent the night with our friends Jon, Lindsay, and their boys Austin and Jackson. Drew and Jon left Thursday morning for a bachelor party so the girls and babies hung out all day. Austin is 8 months old, so not too much ahead of the babies adjusted age. We had a lot fun playing with them. Except for Will's refusal to go to bed Wednesday night, it was a good trip. At 11pm that night he was rolling around the bed having a grand old time. Mommy and Daddy were not pleased. I finally broke him down and got him to sleep!
Jackson and Will - matching outfits and matching blue eyes!
Austin, Jackson, Lindy, and Will - new friends
This might be the second time I have ever gotten them both to smile in a picture! I was so excited! It takes a good bit of work on my part to make them both smile, but I did it today!

Everyone have a good weekend. We are going to be playing with Mimo while Drew is away!

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