Friday, May 30, 2008

10 Month Old Babies

Today is the babies' 10 month birthday! It's hard to believe. Time has gone by really fast. Check out some comparison photos below. None are great photos, but you can get the idea of how much they have changed. My babies have come a LONG way!!

We had a quiet Memorial Day weekend. Sunday afternoon the babies had their first trip to Target and to O'Charley's for dinner. The babies wore yellow to church. Will wore his suspenders, just like his great-grandfather, with whom he shares a first name.
Monday we stuck around the house but we did go outside to get some fresh air.

The babies had a round table discussion. I overheard Lindy saying, "No, I'm cuter!"
This has been a big eating week for Lindy. We had been struggling with getting her to eat more than a tablespoon of rice cereal. This week I decided to add some fruit to it. We started with applesauce and boy what a difference it has made. She eats two tablespoons of cereal or oatmeal and a little less than an ounce of fruit, twice a day. She must like the flavor! She eats so much faster and holds her mouth wide open. We have also introduced peaches and she has enjoyed those as well. Next we are going to try some veggies.

Below is her first bite of applesauce. Not sure at first, but soon loved it! Just to see what Will would do, I gave him a tiny corner of one of the baby puffs. He was not sure at all. I finally got some funny faces out of him. I'm pretty sure we aren't ready for finger foods quite yet but not too much longer!
We had NO appointments this week. We were supposed to have one but it got cancelled because the teacher thought she was getting a cold. We postponed just to be safe.

Lindy has done so well off her oxygen. Many nights we haven't even had to put it in her nose at bedtime! We have monitors to tell us when she starts satting too low. She is such a big girl. It's awesome to walk wherever we want with her!!

Lindy has started smiling at us a lot lately. Until this week you had to physically be touching, tickling, or kissing her. You had to work for a smile. This week I was looking at her, making a face and she smiled! She has smiled at toys I've brought to her face and to Drew and I. How fun. She has the sweetest smiles!

Lindy has also started rolling!!! She has been rolling from belly to back for awhile but on Wednesday she almost rolled from back to belly. She does what Will did at first, she made it almost the whole way. She ends up resting on her arm and can't get her head up yet. She has been working at this for awhile and I was so happy to see her almost get it. With all of her issues going on, it makes me so happy when she progresses developmentally. It might all be pretty delayed, but she is progressing and that is really what matters! She did it once on Wednesday but has been going crazy today!

Not much is happening in Will's world. Still a happy, smiling baby. We hope it stays that way! I feel bad for not writing much about him but there just isn't much to write. He seems like a regular little baby. He has started bearing a lot of weight on his legs. He can stand up in your lap and on the ground. He looks like such a little man when he is standing! He also got his feet up to his mouth once this week but hasn't gotten them back yet.

A quick, funny Will story for you. Before going to bed I always check on him. Most nights he has rolled to his belly so I usually flip him back over. Wednesday night I flipped him back over and he put his legs in the air and grabbed them with his hands, just to make sure they were still there I guess. As he was grabbing for his feet, he ripped two loud toots! What a man, tooting in his sleep!
Have a great weekend and here are a few more cute pictures.

10 month old babies
10 months old today!


Anonymous said...

how far they have come! you always post the cutest pictures! hope all keeps going well for you!- Angie

Joey said...

They are the cutest babies!!! They've grown so much...even since I saw them last! Can you believe they'll be one year old soon?!?

Amanda said...

Look at those beautiful babies sitting up in their bumbo seats (or bebe pods or whatever they are called)! Joe and I just found this site a week or two ago - we have said lots of prayers for your family.
The babies are so cute and could not ask for better parents! We hope all keeps going well.

Amanda Pollard