Saturday, May 3, 2008

9 Month Old Babies

Can you believe it? The nuggets celebrated their 9 month birthdays this week. What a 9 months. Sometimes it is hard to believe we made it through and are still kicking!

We had a good week. Lindy got new ear molds on Tuesday and they are much better. The whistling has been drastically cut down. They only whistle when they start to fall out. Our latest problem is keeping the actual hearing aid behind her ear. They tend to flop. It is really annoying!

We had our 9 month check-up at the pediatrician on Thursday. The babies are good and getting big! Will weighed 16 pounds 6 ounces and was 24 3/4 inches long. We had guessed him at about 16.5lbs so we were very close. He had to get his finger pricked to check his iron. His levels were good so we are able to stop giving the yucky vitamin. Although neither seemed to mind. We will continue him on his Prevacid as we feel it has helped his wheezing. Will is now a one trick pony. He has learned to roll over and now he can't stop. Apparently he cannot lay on his back anymore. He must roll over. He's addicted. Which was really cute and cool for awhile but has become a pain in the butt! He usually gets stuck on his belly and cries till we flip him over. But then he rolls right back over again! He is starting to not like being strapped into the bouncy seat either. Rolling also wouldn't be so bad except for the fact that he spits up a lot. So he rolls over, compresses his belly and we get to clean spit up off the blankets! I know all babies do this, it's just no one ever told me how annoying it is!

Lindy was our surprise this week. We guessed she would weigh 13.5 pounds but she actually weighed 14 pounds and 2 ounces! Whoa big girl!! She has always been about 3 pounds lighter than Will but apparently she is trying to close the gap. I've been pretty stressed about her eating the last month but maybe I need to relax. She gained two pounds, so she is definitely growing! She is a bit of a shrimp though, like her Mom. She was only 23 inches long. She had to have her heel pricked, twice. She had her iron checked (which was good) but she also had to have the newborn screening tests redone. She has had it done twice in the NICU but when they did the first repeat it was too close to a blood transfusion. So they repeated it again this week. She did good at first because Drew was distracting her with kisses but she eventually got a little tired of it. She was a champ though! Lindy has just been chilling lately. Keeping us busy all day long with the cannula, hearing aides and glasses. She hates it all on her little head. We changed her schedule a little bit and she has been taking super naps. I wonder how long it will last!

Finally Will had a follow-up with the audiologist on Friday. He did great. Everything seems good so far. We spend a lot of time in the audiology department lately!

Have a great weekend. Enjoy pictures of my 9 month olds!

I thought this was a funny picture. His hands were just flailing away in every picture that day! We were trying to take a picture for cousin Lauree to tell her how much we love the outfit!

A sweet picture of Lindy and the bonnet that Nana also made. We managed to NOT get pictures of her (or Will in his) last weekend for the Baptism.
Oh yeah, we want to thank my sister for walking in her local March for Babies this weekend. She created a Million Dollar Babies team in Kansas City, Missouri and she and a couple of friends are walking in honor of Lindy and Will and in memory of Adam. Thanks Amy!

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lauren said...

Can't wait to see all you guys at conference and to FINALLY meet the not-so-little ones in the flesh :) Bring some fun outfits (like that will be a problem!) and I'll do some pics if you want. Any chance of Lindy getting off the canula before that???