Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Big Baptism

The babies got baptized Sunday at Palmyra UMC with Reverend Dad doing the baptizing. The day was perfect. It was a little stressful getting everyone up, fed, dressed, and at the church on time, but we did it. Thankfully my parents were with me to help out! Thankfully Lindy puked her bottle up on my mother who was still in her pajamas and not me, since I had my dress on!

The babies were great at church. Will loved the music. Lindy conked out pretty quickly since she hadn't taken a nap before church. Will also fell asleep at one point. Lindy woke up in time for her baptism and made a funny face when Drew actually baptized her. Poor Will was asleep when he got baptized and he didn't much appreciate being woken up to water on his head. He made the most pitiful face! Drew took the babies and walked up the aisle with them and it was so cool. It was nice our church family got to finally lay eyes on these two kids. They were probably beginning to think we had made them up!

We had a great lunch back at our house with the family. All was wonderful, except for the Pyrex dish that disintegrated in the oven with my scalloped potatoes in it. Needless to say we didn't have scalloped potatoes with our dinner.

I want to thank my mother for making their beautiful outfits. She made each of them an outfit that they will be able to keep forever. Each of their outfits had a part of her wedding dress in them. Will's vest and the lace on Lindy's dress are from her wedding dress (which her mother actually made). They were so pretty and the babies looked so sweet in them. Thanks Mom!

It was a wonderful day for all.

Drew asked who I was presenting to be baptized. Hmmmm, I wonder!!

Drew baptizing Lindy. Drew baptizing Will
The whole family laying hands on the babies. Drew introducing the babies to the congregation. Our little family. Lindy fell back asleep after all the festivities. The grandparents. My parents. Nana and Papa Crozier Drew's family. Ed, Anna, Molly (Ed's daughter), Lynn, Suzette, and Bob

Drew's Aunt Joan and her husband Curtis.

Sweet Lindy

Sweet Will The sweetest babies EVER!

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