Friday, April 4, 2008

I'm Exhausted - It's been a busy week!

Whew - this has been one heck of a week. We have had an appointment every day. Only one was here at the house. We were on the go every other day. I'm pooped from this week. I'm sure Lindy Lou-Who is too since they were all her appointments!

You know we got her hearing aides on Monday. They have been fun, NOT! They whistle pretty badly. Remember that the audiologist made new ear molds that we are getting next week which will hopefully eliminate this problem. We've had her wearing them here at home but haven't ventured out in public with them. The right one seems to stay in pretty well and we can sometimes get it not to whistle. She doesn't seem to mess with it. The left one isn't so great. It won't stay in her ear. When it is in her ear it is whistling loudly. She also messes with this one quite a bit. Good times, good times. We are just practicing this week, trying to get the hang of putting them in. We have not seen much of a response from her with them on. Hopefully in time.

We took Will to the appointment with us. Here is a picture of them as we were getting ready to go. Apparently they were bored! Will felt the need to have poop come out of his diaper while we were in the audiologist's office. Nice job Will. And I thought we had taught him better.

Tuesday we had the lady from Governor Morehead come play with Lindy. She brought some new toys for her to play with. Who ever thought of babies playing with Slinky's? Both the babies love them!

Wednesday was a big adventure that required Daddy to come with us. Both babies had swallow studies. They put a little bit of barium in different consistencies of milk and see if they aspirate. Lindy has been on honey consistency milk and she was not aspirating on that. We then tried nectar consistency and she wasn't aspirating on that either. We then tried plain breast milk and she immediately aspirated that. But she made a huge step in moving down to the nectar consistency so we are very excited and proud of her. Will has been on nectar consistency and will stay on that. We tried him with plain breast milk as well but he aspirated it too. Not as badly as Lindy but enough that it wouldn't be good for him. We don't go back for 5-6 months. So that is 5-6 more months of thickening milk. ugggg.

While at the swallow study we also gave both babies some cereal to see if they aspirated it. Neither of them did. Even Lindy did well with it. That gave us the thumbs up to try cereal. Thursday she got her last Synagis shot (for RSV) at the pediatrician's office. We talked about starting Lindy and she felt it was fine too. So Lindy got her first cereal on Thursday evening! She wasn't sure what to think about it. We just gave her a little to let her taste it and play with it in her mouth. Friday night I gave her more and she ate a whole ounce and did really well.

Friday was a long morning for Lindy at a nephrology appointment. Lindy had a urinary tract infection in the NICU and they discovered she had some kidney reflux. This means that some of her urine goes in the wrong direction. We had a follow-up appointment which included a renal ultrasound and having blood drawn. The ultrasound tech said her kidneys looked good. One is smaller than the other but it always has been. Poor Lindy did not like getting blood drawn. Luckily the lab lady was good and got it on the first try. We were tired by the time we finally got home.

Will has had a good week. His latest news is that we started him on reflux medicine to see if it helps with the wheezing and spitting up. We just started yesterday so it'll take a little while to see if it helps. It would be nice if that would solve the problem. One night this week we put Will to bed in his crib, just like we normally do. By morning he had twisted 180ยบ and was facing the opposite direction! It was funny to walk in and find him in the wrong direction! He is a silly monkey!

I had a first last night. I spent the night with the babies by myself!! Drew was with the youth group at a lock-in. A church friend who took her daughter to the lock-in called and offered to come help me out so that was great. Will was excited too because he got to eat earlier than he would have if it had been just me!

Lindy has been doing so well on tummy time this week. Normally she likes to just lay and suck on her hands. She doesn't look up much. Just the past few days she has been holding her head up high. She has good head control when sitting on our laps or on our shoulder, she just wouldn't do it at tummy time. We are so proud of her!

Will has great head/neck strength but it doesn't look like it in that picture. Here is proof!.
And just a few more shots. More matching outfits, courtesy of the Allens. These pants are so soft.

And finally, our new motto. "The future's so bright, I gotta wear shades."

The babies were practicing for the summer when they'll need hats and sunglasses!

Happy Saturday! Go Heels!

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