Monday, March 31, 2008

Do you hear what I hear?

Guess who got hearing aides today. Miss Lindy Lou-Lou.

How do you like her new hardware? Do you like her spiffy pink with silver glitter ear molds?
Her appointment was at 3pm today. When we put the first hearing aid in and Drew said something she got all calm and quiet. We wondered if she heard him. When we got both of them in Drew was talking to her again and she smiled. BUT Drew had touched his head to her head so we don't know if she smiled because she heard him or because Drew touched heads with her (which always makes her smile).
The audiologist had to keep lowering the sound in the hearing aides because they kept giving back all kinds of interference. She said she had to lower them more than she had wanted to. She felt this was because of the ear molds. She was not happy with the ones we got. She did not think they were long enough for her ear canal. This also causes some more whistling than usual. We'll use these ear molds for the next week or so but the audiologist made new molds today that we'll get in next week. Hopefully she can set them louder and we will have less whistling.
We took the hearing aides off for the ride home but put them back in when we got home. I didn't see her show much response, but Drew thinks she is hearing him. She does not turn and look at you when you speak to her. I had to pump so I was out of the room for awhile so Drew spent a lot more time with her in them. We finally took them out because they were whistling a good bit.
We will start slowly with them. Some babies will be pretty fussy because they are not used to all the noise. She seemed to do pretty well with them. We will work up to wearing them all day everyday. She does not wear them when she is napping or down for the night. Since she is technically only 4 1/2 months old, sleeping still takes up the large majority of her day. Hopefully each day we will see more and more of a response from her.

This is Lindy getting a new ear mold made. They squirt this stuff in that is like a soft putty. It stiffens up in the exact shape of her ear.

This is when we put the first hearing aid in. She wasn't too happy!

Right after we turned the hearing aid on. Did she hear Drew???

Back at home with both hearing aides in. You can't even see them from the front!

Another view of the hearing aides. These are actually loaner hearing aides we are using right now. The hearing aides we order for her will actually be smaller.

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Anonymous said...

What a big girl!! I can't believe how fast she is growing. Looks like the fitting went pretty well! She is totally a daddy's girl it looks like.
Have a great week