Sunday, March 9, 2008

More Thank You's!

We passed our inital goal thanks to the generosity of many people! How exciting that I had to increase our goal! More thanks go out to:

Callie and Chris
Carrie, Bryon, and Anna
Wayne and Peggy
Granny and Granddad
Keith and Kathy
Northeast District Clergy

We hope everyone has had a good weekend. We are glad we do not live in Ohio, like my parents, who have had a nice March blizzard and have ended up with 15 inches of snow!

Our weekend has been pretty normal, like most other weekends. Except for losing an hour of sleep. That stinks. I think little Miss Lindy really missed her hour of sleep this morning. She was not so pleasant to be around while Daddy was at church. Fun times, fun times! Of course she was little Miss Sweetie when Daddy got home and fed her at 1pm! After a few good naps she has been back to her happier self.

Mr. Will had his first rice cereal experience yesterday and has done very well. It was almost a little anti climatic yesterday. He didn't make many faces and it didn't end up everywhere like I thought it would. Today I made it a little thicker and he made a few more faces and was a little messier with it but he did great. He opens his mouth when I'm coming with the spoon which I think is just about brilliant that he knows what to do! Such a smart boy!

eBlogger won't let me post pictures today so I'll try tomorrow. Have a great Monday.

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