Thursday, March 6, 2008

Thank you!

First off, THANK YOU to those who have already donated to the March for Babies! It is so exciting to receive emails alerting us of donations. We have already received over half our goal! How cool would it be to blow by that original goal!!

Thanks go to:
Marc and Andrea
Pete and Frenda
Lynn (who also registered to walk with us!)
Paulette and Ron
Katie, Will and family
Donna and family
Lauree, Danny and family

We are also very excited to hear about some interest from our old church in Lincolnton, First UMC. Thanks Peggy for calling to talk about it and for getting FUMC interested in helping!

It has been a quiet week for appointments. Lindy had her only two appointments this morning. We met with the follow-up NICU clinic and then she got her monthly Synagis shot (for RSV). The neonatologist seemed pleased with Lindy's progress. She continues to have great weight gain. She was 10lbs 9oz at the pediatrician's office.

She had an echo cardiogram done in the middle of Feb. that I just learned the results of today. It showed mild pulmonary hypertension in her heart. Normal pressures are under 20 and hers was 30. He said extreme cases to worry about are 50-60. This unfortunately means we can't aggressively wean her oxygen requirements. She needs to continue to sat between 95-100 so that there is not any pressure on her heart. They scheduled another echo to be done in early April to see if this has gotten any better.

At the pediatrician's office I talked to the doctor about Will. He is drinking 35oz of milk and has lately seemed to still be hungry. We got the go ahead for a little rice cereal! Don't worry, you'll see pictures I'm sure! He continues to sleep well.

I had a first yesterday. I fed both babies at the same time. Normally I do one right after the other. I started feeding Lindy because she is generally the less patient one and Will went bananas! I ended up putting her down, getting his bottle and feeding Will in the Boppy and Lindy in my lap. Surprisingly they were patient when I had to stop and burp one or the other. We made it through and everyone got fed!

Can you believe the babes turned 7 months old? Time is flying!! Here are some pictures of the past week. Enjoy!

The first picture where both have been smiling! A feat I've been trying to conquer for awhile!

Lindy started up right next to Will but managed to work herself around sideways. We have to watch her, she tries to get off the play mat!
Lindy's first skirt! Doesn't she look so sweet!
Will's new favorite shirt. he he!! (This is for you nurse Sherri!)
A sweet little outfit on Will.
This was an afternoon of baby massages at the Southern Salon and Day Spa.
Must be nice! The sweetest frown I've ever seen!
What a pair of fine looking youngins! I though they matched pretty well this day!
An afternoon stroll we took one day in the backyard! It was 70F and too pretty to sit inside. Will seemed to enjoy it but Lindy wasn't so happy about it. I got her back inside and she let out a huge burp so she might have been in pain. We'll try again on another nice day.
Me and my sweet babies!

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