Friday, March 21, 2008

March Madness!

Has your TV been on basketball for the past two days like at our house? There were finally some good upset games today. Those are always the best. Not good for your brackets but fun to watch.

Our week without appointments turned into a week with two appointments. The first came on Wednesday; I took Will into the pediatrician. For the past couple weeks or so we have noticed him doing this wheezing/breathing harder thing sometimes throughout the day. I first noticed it when he was doing tummy time. It seems to have increased to other times throughout the day now too. I called the nurse's line on Tuesday afternoon and after talking with her she said to bring him on in and made us an appointment with our doctor at 9:15am. So I go the pediatrician, 30 minutes away, on Wednesday, and they tell me the appointment was scheduled for Thursday at 9:15am. No one told me that! Anyway, since we were there they let us see another doctor that we'd never seen before. He couldn't find anything wrong with him. Everything sounded good and checked out fine. I still wish we'd have seen our doctor but didn't feel like driving back in the next day. We'll just keep an eye on it.

The second appointment was for Lindy. We went on Thursday and talked with the audiologist. We got her first ear molds made for her hearing aides. She kind of talked to us about hearing aides in general and then made the molds. The hearing aid will be behind her ear and then there is a piece that goes in her ear. They make a mold of the inside of the ear for this piece. They have to send them away to get the piece made and that can take two weeks. We'll go back in to learn how to use the hearing aides when the molds come back in. The molds can come in about any color imaginable. You could get up to three colors swirled and then you could get glitter. Too many choices. We were faced with the choice of flesh colored so they would blend in or with fun colors. We (okay, I did, Drew was no help) ended up with pink and silver glitter! We figured we would try a fun color and see how we like it. Since babies grow quickly, we will probably be having many molds made. So if we hate the fun color then we can get flesh colored next time. We are going to be using loaner hearing aides for a little while until they can get their insurance issues figured out. When they do we will order her actual hearing aides and we'll have more choices about color. Fun fun!

We hope everyone has a wonderful Easter weekend. This will be a very low-key weekend for us since we are on house arrest. Drew of course has been busy with church activities this week and will be busy this weekend. I had a comment about having outfits for each holiday for the babies. If you know me well then you know I love to decorate my house for holidays. Now I have babies to decorate too. They asked if I had Easter outfits. Hmmm, what do you think? You'll have to check back Sunday to see if they have Easter outfits!

The latest pictures.

Sweet babies in sweet baby outfits.
Will has figured out how to roll from his back to his side. This is how I find him now during naps. He's so close to rolling all the way over but he hasn't made it yet.
A spiffy new denim outfit.
My cool baby with his collar and cords.
"I think, therefore I am."
I can't resist these smiles!!
My two favorite guys!
We've done so well with our fundraising. We've both been blown away by all the support. We hope we can make our new goal! Thank you to:
Mary Jean
Anita, Don, and girls
Larry and Susan
Brett, Debbie and girls

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Anonymous said...

Hello. I'm Anita's cousin, Beth, from Raleigh. Just wanted to send a message to lend some support on hearing aids. My son, Joseph, has been aided in his left ear for years now. In fact, we were just at the audiologist yesterday making a new ear mold too!! We can chat anytime! I'm loving watching your two angels grow each day!!

Have a blessed day!
Beth Faucette