Saturday, April 19, 2008

Mot Much News, But New Pictures

I don't really have much news from last week, as we only had one appointment! Lindy had an audiology appointment on Monday and they made more ear molds. Our third set. They tried a different technique so we hope that will help. She ended up turning the settings down on the hearing aides to help with all the feedback and whistling. It has been much better since then. We feel like she is responding a little more this week, even with the slightly lower settings. She seems to be staring at us more and her eyes sometimes get big when you say something.

Will has had a happy week. He has added carrots and bananas to his diet. Again, no response from him. I'm beginning to wonder if he has taste buds! He only gets upset when you don't shovel it in fast enough. He has started this back pedaling thing with his legs when he's on his back. He can scoot around now by pushing off with his legs.

It has become a constant struggle lately to keep the cannula in Lindy's nose. She fights it all day long. Friday we started taking notice of her oxygen saturations when it was out of her nose. They were almost always over 95. So we just left it out of her nose and she kept staying up. We put it in for feeds and naps but otherwise let her off of it and just watched her closely. She did awesome. We did it some more today and she did well again. We feel like she is going to kick this oxygen addiction soon. We can't wait!

Enjoy some recent pictures from this past week.

Camo pants from Grandbob and Suzette.
Lindy's lovely left hand.
Mommy was playing. Can't wait till I can do stuff with her hair. (Carrie, did you notice it's a ladybug. I didn't realize what I'd grabbed. I hate ladybugs!!)
I realized that I didn't have very many pictures lately of the babies together. I got on the stick pretty quickly and remedied that.
No Cannula! Don't tell!

A little comparison picture collage for you. Check out the difference in size. The first one of Will was taken right around when he came home, early November. The one of Lindy is from the end of December when she came home. Compare that to pictures taken last week! Just a little bigger!

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