Friday, April 25, 2008

New Eyes for Lindy-Lou

Miss Lindy got her new glasses on Monday of this week. It has definitely taken some getting used to. They looked so small in Drew's hand when I first saw them but they look SO big on her face! I had kind of a rough time on Monday adjusting to the thought of her having to have them on all the time. The thought of something else to keep on her face and the reality of her vision loss hit me.

But things have gotten better. The more she wears them the more I get used to them. I think she is starting to look kind of cute in them! I've taken to calling her the nutty professor. They end up in all kinds of crazy places on her face!

She has done remarkably well with them. Anyone with glasses knows that when you lay sideways they kind of shift. Well that happens with her. She is a baby and spends 90% of her time laying around looking to the side. So of course they always get all cockeyed. That is the worst problem so far. When she is sitting in her bouncy seat or high chair, she does pretty well.

We had a fairly easy week with appointments. Lindy had occupational therapy on Monday. She got a good report. We have to work on stretching her cheeks. They are tight! She hates it though. Tuesday morning we had Governor Morehead come out. Lindy had just gotten her glasses on Monday afternoon so we hadn't had much time to tell how she was adjusting to them. Both appointments were at our house so we didn't have to go anywhere.

Will has really taken to rolling over lately. I've found him in his crib after naps on his belly. He has trouble getting back over to his back because of his big old belly. We are doing exercises on the big blue bouncy ball with the babies. It is like baby push-ups for them. They both enjoy it when we bounce them on it.

I squeezed the babies into one bouncy seat for a picture. That won't be happening too much longer. It was a tight squeeze! We go to the pediatrician for their 9 month check-up next week so we'll have new weights then. I'll be anxious to see what they weigh! We have shirts with names on them, just in case we forget which one is which. Thanks Lindsay! Drew's grandmother got to come out for a visit this week. She saw the babies once in the hospital awhile ago. She fell and broke her hip so she hasn't been in commission either. She had fun talking to them.

Thursday was such a nice day and the babies decided they didn't need very long afternoon naps so we loaded them up for a little trip to a local park. It was a nice trip for all. Lindy fell asleep in the back of the stroller and Will loved looking all around. It was great to get out of the house and get some fresh air. Both babies fell asleep while finishing their bottles at 7pm so they must have been worn out! They don't normally go to bed at 7:15pm!
We have a big weekend planned. The babes will be taking their first trip to church. We are finally getting to go see Daddy preach. It will also be a very special Sunday because we are having the babies baptized! And Daddy will be doing the baptism! How cool huh? We will have all the family in this weekend for church and lunch. We will have tons of pictures, look for a post!


lauren said...

Blessings on the baptismS - what a special time for your whole family (and for the church!) Can't wait to see pics!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the onesies!! They look so cute. Congratulations on the baptisms. What a very special day for you all.
The Hartsells