Sunday, April 20, 2008

$4260 for March of Dimes - WOW!!!

We had a very successful walk for the March of Dimes yesterday! Drew and I raised a total of $4260. Our entire team, the Million Dollar Babies raised $4535. We have been so touched by the generosity of our family and friends. I know the money will help a ton of babies and that feels really good.

I really want to thank our team for walking with us. Lynn from Charlotte, Katie and Micah from Durham, Amy from Raleigh, Anita and Lily from Garner, and Cathy from Wilmington. We had a great time and hope they all did too. Lynn is Drew's Mom and Lindy and Will's Mimo. Cathy is a friend from high school and an old college roommate. Anita is a friend I met in Wilmington during college. Amy and Katie are the wives of Drew's divinity school roommates. Katie and Kris (and Micah) were kind enough to let us stay at their house in Durham when Lindy was at Duke. We are indebted to them forever! Amy and Todd are pregnant with identical twin girls. We are so excited for them. Finally someone else joining the multiples club!

We also want to send a big thank you to First United Methodist in Lincolnton, especially Peggy Sibert. She called us one Sunday evening after seeing our first post about the March for Babies. She wanted to challenge the church to help us raise money. And they stepped up to the challenge. We had a lot of people donate and we had some VERY generous donators. It is nice to know that even though Drew only spent two years there, and I only spent one year there, that they were kind enough to help us. Thanks FUMC Lincolnton!

Million Dollar Babies Team

Anita, Lily in stroller, and Cathy
Katie, Micah in stoller, and Amy (our pregnant walkers!!)
Lynn, Drew's Mom
The walk in progress
We met up with our friends Brett, Wendy, Riley, and Berkley. Wendy and I went to high school together. Riley was born 6 weeks early, four years ago.
Will and Lindy out in public! A bit scary for me but I guess we can't stay cooped up forever!

We need to give more thank you's to:
Uncle Jim
Mom and Dad
Bill and Dawn (all the way from England!)
Joan and Curtis
Erin and Philip
Jamie and Chris
Scotty and Susan
Carolyn and Dexter
Aunt Margaret and Aunt Dorothy
Margaret and Jonathon
Mary Beth
Nancy and family
Palmyra UMW
Mike and Janice

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