Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Thank You Amy and Hayley!

I want to thank my sister, niece, and their friends for walking in the March for Babies last weekend in honor of Lindy and Will and in memory of Adam. My sister's friends Lisa, Shelly, and Melissa rounded out the Kansas City Million Dollar Babies team. I knew they were walking but had no idea my sister had made t-shirts for herself and Hayley. I love the shirts and pictures and had to share them with everyone.

KC Million Dollar Babies team. Amy (my sister on far left who is about 7 months pregnant with another little girl and looks great!), Hayley, Lisa, Melissa, and Shelly.
I love my niece like she is my own and I love that she walked for her cousins. I can't wait for her to meet them this summer. I wish more than anything that she could have met Adam.

Amy got an email saying if you sent pictures in of the babies you were walking for they would put them on posters. These were the signs that were along the route.

(Yes, Allan is spelled wrong. Should be a-n, not e-n)
Hayley looks tired!

Hayley has been so sweet about the babies. She has drawn pictures and sent many presents throughout the last 9 months. My whole family has webcams so we can chat and see one another. Hayley talks to them and sings them songs. She asks for her Will and her Lindy. Once she sang to Will and told us to bring out the next one! She better watch out because Uncle Drew is going to give her some serious pink bellies this summer.

My sister has also been very sweet. Amy and Lee flew out the week everything happened. They were able to come to the small memorial service we had for Adam. Lee flew back home and Amy stayed for awhile longer. She was awesome during that week. She drove me back and forth between hospitals to see the babies. She was taking care of things at home for us. One of the sweetest things she did was to go buy all kinds of pretty fleece to use as the blankets in the babies' isolettes. We didn't know we would have babies that early and didn't have any kind of blankets for them. We used those blankets the entire NICU stay. I know I never properly thanked her for everything she did. She'll never know how much support she was to me during that time. I really hated to see her go.

So THANK YOU Amy and Hayley for walking for our babies. We are very excited to meet the newest addition to our family, who will be making her appearance in late June/early July. WE LOVE YOU!!!!

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