Saturday, May 10, 2008

10,000 Visitors and A Big Weekend

Our blog has had over 10,000 visitors to it. That's pretty crazy! Who wouldn't want to see the cutest babies ever each week? Get ready for a ton of pictures. I had so many cute ones from this week that I had a hard time choosing. So I just posted a lot of them! This is going to be a long post.

We have had a good week. It was pretty quiet. Monday we had occupational therapy at the house. She watched Lindy eat cereal and was impressed with how well she did. The problem with Lindy and cereal is that she just isn't hungry enough for it. I don't give her much at all but a lot of times she won't finish her next bottle. We're kind of stuck right now. The OT wants us to keep stretching her cheeks and work on her upper body strength. She doesn't push up much on her belly. We also had the NC Early Intervention Program for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing come out this week to sign us up. It’s another free program (like Governor Morehead for vision) that works with kids with hearing impairments. We just did paperwork and talked briefly about what they do. They will come back in a couple weeks to actually start working with her.

Practicing sitting up
I think Lindy might have gained those two pounds last month in her chin!
A cute outfit.

Will has just been chilling out this week. Still rolling away. He's getting a little better at rolling belly to back. He has tried oatmeal and prunes this week and ate both just fine. I didn't think the prunes were very good though. I think they might be responsible for the blowout all over his clothes this morning. We hadn't had one of those in awhile!

This is one of my new favorite pictures of him. He is starting to sit up pretty well. Too bad it usually compresses his stomach and makes him spit-up.
The camera used flash and over-exposed him. Oh well, it's still cute.

I felt Will was getting a little bored with his play time lately so I busted out the exersaucer. Technically they are not really recommended for preemies. I have asked why and they said that preemies have a tendency to walk on their tippy toes because of all the heel sticks they received in the NICU. The way they hang in the exersaucer can reinforce this. We have only let him hang out in it for short periods of time but he seems to love it. We need to rig it up so he can stand with his feet flatter in it. We tried Lindy but she was a little short for it still. These were our sweet church clothes last week (from Aunt Amy). Yes, we went to church again. Two weeks in a row! The babies went to the nursery and did fine. We think this picture is hilarious. Look at the way she is checking him out! Too funny!
Lindy can be such a snuggle bug sometimes!

Yesterday was a great day for us. We were feeling a bit adventurous. I had seen an advertisement for the Mayfest in Pilot Mountain. We decided to check out this little street festival. It was just like any other street festival, mostly junk, but it was fun to get outside and walk around with the babies. I didn’t realize we would attract so much attention. The double stroller is a little big I guess. We had a few issues afterwards with warming up bottles but we got everyone fed and happy. We took off from there and headed to Pilot Mountain State Park. We were able to drive up and look around a little bit. They had some very short trails that gave you awesome views. We couldn’t stay too long because we were just carrying the babies and they were getting heavy!! We left there and headed to King for our first ever trip to a restaurant with our babies! I told you we were feeling adventurous! It went really well. Lindy was asleep most of the time and Will was really good. I had brought all of his cereal and veggies, spoons and bowls and I fed him while waiting for our food. Then he sat pretty patiently while we ate. We even ordered dessert they were so good. All in all, we had a great day out and about with the babies.
Will in the double beast stroller at Mayfest.
Sweet Lindy having fun in the back with Mommy! She was being so cute!
Pictures from Pilot Mountain State Park.
What an amazing view.
Pilot Knob. Isn't it strange looking?
In honor of it being my first Mother’s Day I have included myself in some pictures. It’s my little ode to myself. Happy Mother’s Day to me! I’ve been through an awful lot to become a mother but it’s been worth it. I have two beautiful babies at home with me. I wish I had three beautiful babies at home with me. I'm so thankful for the two I do have, but it's hard not to miss the one you don't have.
My precious baby boy.
And my precious baby girl.
Would you believe that my first ever Mother’s Day is also my 6 year wedding anniversary? It’s been an amazing 6 years! Drew and I always have so much fun together. We have had a unique relationship in the fact that we spend a lot of time together. With Drew’s office at home for the last 5 years and me usually just working part-time, we see each other a lot. And yet we still like to hang out together! Happy Anniversary Drew!
Awww, so sweet!!!!!!


lauren said...

Happy Anniversary and Happy Mother's Day! I'm sure the day was bittersweet in some ways, but I'm glad to hear you guys are starting to venture out some...Lake J, here they come!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Mothers Day Jamie!! Hope it was a good one. You deserve it! Glad the Babies had fun on your big adventure!

Frenda and Pete said...

What a wonderful way to spend your first mother's day and an anniversary. What a beautiful family. Hope and pray all continues to go uphill. LOVE to all and Kisses to babies.