Thursday, May 15, 2008

Monkeys and Disco Parties

Happy Mother's Day to Me! Pictures from my first ever Mother's Day. We had a nice trip to church where I won a hanging basket for having the youngest kids there! After church we had lunch at IHOP. Don't laugh at my choice of restaurants. I wanted French toast on my day! It was a wonderful day. Our anniversary was nice too, although it kind of got swept to the side.

Sweet church outfits! I LOVE Lindy's dress and sweater. Thanks Pam!

The rest of our week has been good. Governor Morehead (for vision) came on Monday and she brought new toys. She brought some pretty cool light up ones this time which both babies love.

Tuesday we had a lady from a program called Beginnings come to the house. It's a program for parents of kids that are deaf or hard of hearing. They explain a lot about hearing loss to you and they introduce the ways that Lindy can learn. Drew and I will have to be choosing a way for her to learn this week. Big decision. We can either use an auditory verbal approach where we want her to listen and talk, or use only sign language, or use a combination of the two. There are always things to take into consideration, such as her vision loss and how bad her hearing really is. Always something fun around our house.

Wednesday Drew spoke at a neonatal conference for nurses in Hickory. A lady we met and talked with a lot in the NICU at Baptist asked him to give a father's perspective of the NICU experience. He said everything went well. He got to see a lot of people from Baptist, a nurse from Forsyth where the babies were born, and even an attending doctor from Duke that took care of Lindy.

We are being brave and adventurous again this weekend. Tomorrow night we are headed out for our first overnight trip. We are finally getting down to Charlotte to visit Drew's parents. I started a list last weekend of everything to take. It's a bit ridiculous for one night! Wish us luck on our overnight adventures!

A few pictures from the week. Silly Willy waiting to take a bath!

Silly Monkey loving his feet!
I love how Lindy has her eyes cut to the green cup in this picture. Good times during bath night. Have I ever mentioned how much we hate bath night? WE HATE IT!!!!
Awhile back I said Lindy liked to have parties in her crib and no one believed me. Here is proof!!
With no flash you can see Lindy enjoying her disco ball. One of the cool things the Governor Morehead lady brought.

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Paulette said...

Oh My Goodness, Will and Lindy are getting so big and they are so cute. Don't worry about making a list for overnight. Angela makes a list for every occasion. It makes the trip easier, knowing you have everything you will need. I love Lindy's Disco ball!!!

Paulette and Ron