Saturday, June 5, 2010

Haircuts and Sprinklers

We have had a fairly good week.  We spent Memorial Day with our friends Katie, Kris, Micah, and Claire.  The kids all had a blast playing outside together. 

Wednesday morning we had speech therapy with Miss Lawson.  Lindy seems to talk a ton, except when her therapists are here!  She doesn’t talk much when she is really concentrating and I guess her therapists make her concentrate a lot!  She eventually did start saying a lot of things.  She really likes playing with the potato head and the cootie bugs.  Will also had a good session.  We all got to play with play-doh which is always fun. 

Thursday was a crazy day for us.  The kids got their hair cut in the morning and Lindy had a hearing appointment in the afternoon.  Not to mention that we had the rescue mission come pick up our leftover garage sale items and two different companies come give us moving quotes.  Busy day!  The kids look much better with their hair cuts and we are SO happy to get Lindy’s hearing aids back.  The loaners screeched really badly and Lindy’s don’t.  They basically got all new electrical stuff inside so they are basically brand new hearing aids  We hope to not have anymore trouble with them for awhile! 

Friday was a busy day, but not really for the kids.  I went to the March of Dimes award luncheon, grocery store, and that night we all went with a Sunday school class out to eat. 

Today we have had a fun day.  I hooked up the sprinkler for the first time and let the kids try it out this morning.  Will was a little timid at first but pretty quickly was running up to it and having fun.  Lindy only liked it when I ran through it with her.  She pitched a fit if I tried to put her down.  We also had a visit from GrandBob and Suzette which the kids enjoyed.  Will woke up on the shy side of the bed but eventually loosened up. 

Lindy has had some issues this week.  Her first issue is diarrhea.  I’m certain it is antibiotic induced diarrhea.  Poor girl is getting a red bum and she is not enjoying it.  Her other issue is that two nights this week she has gone to bed, cried and thrown up.  We really are at a loss as to what to do with her.  She is completely fine until we finish the night-night books and start taking off her glasses and hearing aids.  Then she starts crying.  She’s started doing this every night but then Wed. and Fri. nights she eventually threw up.  Both times when we have gone in to clean up after we’ve heard her throw up, she will laugh and play with us.  It just seems like if something was wrong, if her tummy hurt or something, she’d act like it before we put her in her bed.  Is she throwing up because she feels bad or is she crying hard to get our attention and get us back in there and she makes herself throw up?  We’ve gotten smart enough to put blankets down in front of her bed but Friday night she projectile vomited and cleared the blankets.  As Drew and I are scrubbing the floor she is jumping around in her bed having a grand old time.  She is almost 3 years old.  I pretty much refuse to rock her to sleep each night.  We had a good sleeping year in 2009, she basically never threw up. They had colds in March and then went into allergies and it seems she does it pretty often now.  Anyone have advice for us?

Anywho, enough regurgitation talk.  On to the pictures.

We painted the sidewalk with water one night.DSC_0601 They had fun until Lindy dumped the bucket and got her pants all wet.DSC_0610 And then got to play outside with no pants.DSC_0617 Pre-haircuts.DSC_0627 Post haircuts. (Lindy’s bangs seem a little short but she wasn’t a very easy or willing customer!)DSC_0673DSC_0677 Their new favorite thing to do is holds hands and walk around together.DSC_0682 DSC_0683 DSC_0685 Playing in the sprinkler!  Not sure at first….DSC_0698 But he eventually loved it!DSC_0723DSC_0739  Lindy decided to go in one time…DSC_0717  But pretty quickly decided she did not like it!DSC_0719  DSC_0721 She also didn’t much like sitting in the grass.  She did like it when I ran with her but I couldn’t get any pictures of that because I was by myself with the kids.DSC_0745  Having fun this evening.DSC_0759 DSC_0756


Southern Reflexions said...

Pretty Haircuts!! :o)

Amanda said...

Love the sprinklers, I don't have advise but I can say that our Susannah used to throw up nearly every time she got upset and cried hard, especially if she was laying down. I think she just has a strong gag reflex but someone suggested maybe she had acid reflux??? Anyways she doesn't do it any more. I don't think it was as bad as Lindy but it was not very much fun, it just eventually passed.

joven said...

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Eileen said...

Talk with your ped of course, but, I always use culturelle for kids whenever Jake or Lily have to be on antibiotics...I start it with the antibiotic in attempt to head off the loose BMs. Culturelle for adults is capsule you have to break up, but, kids version is powder in is probiotic to offset the effects of antibiotic. Lily had reflux and was on axid, but, even though she has outgrown she has SUPER SENSITIVE gag reflux....that was the first sign of her cold last week (from drainage) was projectile vomiting...she just kept saying "Oh my goodness" as I was stripping her all will have to figure it out....I understand not wanting to have to rock her everynight, but, not optimistic there is another option.....

Love your blogspot.
Eileen Stedem, mom of 3 REACH kids....Megan 6/30/97 from IUI and Jake and Lily 11/6/07 from IVF