Saturday, June 26, 2010

Operation Moving Completed

Yay, first post from the new house!  The movers came around 9:30am last Monday morning and started loading up.  At 1pm they had the truck completely full – and half our basement was still in the basement.  They didn’t bring a big enough truck for all our crap stuff.  Drew went with the truck to the new house and I stayed at the old house to clean.  Around 6pm our saving graces showed up to move the rest of our house.  We would have been moving all night long if it hadn’t have been for Bob, Ed, David, Denise, and of course Mike and Janice.  Needless to say, we were not so happy with the moving company.  After scrubbing the kitchen floor at the old house, we loaded up Jack and got to the new house at 10:30pm Monday night.  We slept great the first night in the new house! 

Tuesday morning we were up and back out to the old house to do some last minute cleaning, and to get our clothes and food out of the house.  We headed back to the new house and started the unpacking of the new house.  Tuesday evening Ed and Jamie came and took us to dinner which was a nice break from all the moving. 

We unpacked all day Wednesday and Thursday.  We did enjoy a nice dinner out Wednesday night since we were footloose and fancy free without our kids! 

Lindy and Will stayed with Mimo and Aunt Anna in Charlotte all week.  From what I hear, they had a GREAT time.  They kept them very busy doing all kinds of neat things.  Hopefully I’ll get pictures soon (hint hint).  Mimo and GrandBob brought the kids home Thursday afternoon.   THANK YOU Mimo and Aunt Anna for keeping the kids.  We would have never gotten so much done with them around.

They seem to like the new house and their new playroom, but they LOVE their new playhouse they got outside!  It was actually a Christmas present from Nana and Papa that we had been waiting to get and I figured this was the perfect time to get it.  They have done amazingly well since being at the new house.  I’ve been worried that their sleeping would be affected but it really hasn’t.   Will is calling this “Will and Lindy’s house!”  We have stairs now, which has been great fun.  They have actually done okay with them.  None of our gates work on the steps so we’ve instituted a 2 step rule.  Will has done great with it and I hear him saying, “Don’t go higher Lindy.”  Lindy did make it all the way up the steps one time when I was in the kitchen.  We’ve had to watch her closely. 

I have to thank our friends Kris and Katie for bringing dinner last night and Mike and Janice for coming to try to get the washer hooked up.  We couldn’t make it without you guys!

We are slowly getting unpacked.  The kids’ room is 99% done.  I have curtains up and pictures on the wall.  I wanted everything to be familiar to them.  We are loving the house and all the space we have.  I have a playroom.  YEAH!  No more sharing a living room with their toys!  We still need to get the washing machine hooked up and we have some furniture shopping to do.  We are making do with a card table for a kitchen table right now! 

We have lived out in the country for the last 7 years.  Although we did like it and it was really pretty, we missed some of the city amenities.  I was so excited this week to put food down the garbage disposal, have pizza delivered to our house, and have our trash picked up!  All things you can’t do out in the country!

Here are a few pictures so far. 

The too short moving truck.DSC_1233 The baby birds at our new house!DSC_1253 The kids’ new bedroom.DSC_1240 DSC_1242 DSC_1243 The Playroom!!!!  I love it!!DSC_1256 Checking out the new route for her car.DSC_1263 Playing in their playhouse for the first time.DSC_1268 DSC_1270 DSC_1274 Happy to be home!DSC_1282 DSC_1289 First dinner in the new house.  Pizza at our card table!DSC_1295 First morning waking up in the new house.DSC_1296 First family picture!DSC_1306You go girl!DSC_1319


Jessica said...

Their room is so cute! How did they adjust to sleeping in the new house? We are moving in the near future and I'm wondering how my kids will do with the change.

Jamie said...

Hey Jessica. The first few nights they slept great! We were so thrilled! The last few nights haven't been so great though. Will keeps waking up and crying out in his sleep. I don't really know why though. I don't know if it's the new house or just his blanket that he keeps wanting us to put on him.

Jack said...

Baby Jack wants updates from his BFF's!!!