Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

I’m getting comments from the peanut gallery (okay, just one grandparent) about not posting.  We have been busy this week with appointments, more unpacking, furniture shopping, and my parents were in town.

Last Monday Lindy had vision therapy in the morning.  I don’t really remember what we did though.  Monday afternoon Drew and I went to Furniture Land South in High Point while Janice watched the kids.  That is a BIG place and we didn’t even find a dining room set we liked.  I know the kids were happy to see Janice and know that she is still close by!  While we were gone Lindy did have hearing therapy with Chris.  I hear it was a good session.

Wednesday morning the kids had speech therapy with Lawson.  Lindy did pretty well.  We worked on quiet and loud.  She talks so softly that it’s hard to understand her.  She can be loud though.  By the end we did have her saying things in a loud voice.  We’ve continued working on it this week and she does understand the difference between them. 

Thursday morning Lindy had physical therapy.  Heather did something new to her braces to shift how she stands.  We are getting close to having to order new braces for her since her feet are growing.  After PT we went and got new ear molds made.  We have started hearing her hearing aids a little bit so the molds must be getting a little small.  

Friday morning the kids and I went and picked gallons of blueberries.  We had some help from Janice and Mike, and Mike’s mom.  Mike’s mom has the blueberry bushes.  Will did pretty well picking some berries.  Lindy enjoyed feeding me blueberries.  We have enjoyed a blueberry pie and blueberry cobbler this weekend!  Yummy!

Friday afternoon my parents arrived from Ohio. They came ready to work.  My dad had the task of organizing the garage so we could actually pull in a car.  He did an amazing job with it.  It looks so good.  He also did all kinds of other little projects.  It’s so great having a handy father who likes to do these kinds of things.  My mom didn’t rest either.  She unpacked some of the random stuff I don’t know where to put and last night she worked hard on some curtains for our bedroom.  Plus she watched the kids a bunch.  We did get out to do some furniture shopping and we actually came home with a kitchen table.  We were able to put up the card table we had been using!  We very much enjoyed our visit from Nana and Papa and we are so close to being all unpacked and settled in. 

Other news of the week is that Lindy had a breakthrough with the potty.  She has been almost every day this week, sometimes two times a day.  It takes her a little longer than Will but we are making progress.  Before this week she’d only gone 2 times on the potty. 

Drew preached his first Sunday at his new church on July 4th.  The church seems like a good church and we are excited about it.  The kids actually stayed with me in church until children’s time and they did a great job.  There is a ton of music in the beginning and that kept them entertained and quiet.  I took them to the nursery after children’s time and after I left they both cried.  They normally don’t cry but I guess it was all new to them.  There were two adults and 3-4 other kids in a fairly small room so it might have been a little overwhelming.  They didn’t know or recognize anyone.  I’m sure they kind of fed off each other with the crying too.  I was sad they cried.  Hopefully they’ll be comfortable soon!

We did have a cookout on July 4th at Uncle Ed’s and Aunt Jamie’s house.  GrandBob and Suzette and Jamie’s parents, Lorrie and Richard were there.  We all took a turn chasing the kids for awhile.  After we left the cookout we headed to King to watch some fireworks.  Lindy couldn’t see them, at least we don’t think so.  Will definitely saw them and talked about the colors but he wasn’t all that excited about them.  He kept saying, ‘Go back to car.’  Of course it was almost 10pm and way past their bedtime.  

Mom and Dad headed home today but the kids and I went with them!  Mom rode with me and the kids.  My sister and her family are arriving tomorrow and we’ll spend the rest of the week with them.  I had planned to drive the kids home by myself but my dad wouldn’t let me.   My mom is driving back down with me and flying back to Ohio the next day.  They haven’t figured out yet that I grew up!  I know they are just worried about me and the kids

I have some sad news to report.  My camera is broken :(  It’s so sad and I am definitely mourning it’s loss right now.  I have actually been using it this past week but I have to hold the lens on the camera.  Thankfully I bought a warranty on it so it will get fixed but I have to send the whole camera in.  What will I do without my camera?  I have other backup ones but they are slow slow slow. 

Here are some pictures I did take though.  Hope everyone had a fun 4th!

Our trip to Furniture Land South on Monday.  They have an 85 foot tall highboy.  DSCN1348 I felt like Edith Ann in the big chair on this couch.  At least I wasn’t making rude noises and telling stories about my brother and dog!DSCN1345 Can you tell how much Drew enjoyed our shopping trip?DSCN1346 My ‘guys’DSC_1339 My guys and their girl.DSC_1334 We played in the sprinkler a couple days.  This sprinkler was great but it broke the first day :(DSC_1342 Lindy preferred to lounge in the chair.DSC_1349 The new house has stairs, which gives me another option for taking pictures of them together.  Something besides the blue chair!DSC_1353 Will has had a rough week.  He hit the table outside with his cheek, up near his eye and got a little bruise.  He fell down at Uncle Ed’s and scraped his forehead.  He has a bug bite on his cheek.  His face took a beating this week. DSC_1362Nana and the kids were enjoying their first meal at our new kitchen table!  Goodbye card table!DSC_1366  First Sunday outfits at our new church.DSC_1371 DSC_1374 DSC_1375 4th of July outfits!DSC_1386 DSC_1388 DSC_1394 DSC_1398 DSC_1401 DSC_1402 Fireworks!DSC_1408 ‘What fireworks?  I don’t see any.  Let’s blow this joint.’DSC_1419 Papa taught the kids a new game in our backyard!DSC_1428 DSC_1429 DSC_1432


Jack Greco said...

GREAT pictures!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the ones of Lindy and Will rolling down the hill in the wagon. Those are awesome! You can tell they're having a blast with Papa!

Andrea said...

Hi there, This might sound strange, but I think our sons are on the same page right now. Luke had 2 accidents involving his face these last 2 weeks. He is sporting 2 scars, 1 on his chin and 1 in the corner of his eye. The pictures are great! I love getting pics of Molly and Luke kissing. Too sweet. Your kids are adorable as always.

Lynn Southern said...

Thanks for the new post. What can I say, I like to know what's going on. I think Ken's found a great new exercise. Pulling the kids up a hill and letting them go should be a great workout. Have a great time in Ohio.

Janice said...

Mimo is not the only one who was missing her weekly "fix" on the grandchildren. :) Enjoy your trip, and glad you're not driving back by yourself. Yeah, you're grown up, but . . .

lauren said...

Love the wagon pics! Did you just do Furnitureland south or did you check out the clearance center out back??? That's the place to go :) Of course it depends on the day but can have fun stuff!

lauren said...
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