Monday, July 12, 2010

Cleveland Rocks

We’ve been in Ohio this past week and we are driving home today.  My mom ended up riding home with me and is flying back home tomorrow. 

The kids and I have had a good time in Ohio.  My sister, Amy, her husband Lee, and their daughters Hayley and Rylee arrived on Wednesday. They live in Kansas City, Missouri.  I haven’t seen them since last Christmas and I most likely won’t see them again until this Christmas. 

Wednesday we didn’t do too much, just a  little shopping in the morning while we were waiting for Amy’s family to arrive. 

Thursday we headed to the Cleveland Zoo.  I know my fellow North Carolinians will hate me when I say this, but I like the Cleveland Zoo better than the NC Zoo.  You can actually see most of the animals at the Cleveland Zoo, whereas they are really far away at the NC Zoo.  Lindy was able to see the lion, the wolves, some monkeys, and fish.  She doesn’t normally see much of anything at our zoo.  I was so excited that she got to see animals.  They were all right up at the glass which was really cool.  The lion and it’s big mane were really neat.  The wolves were really playful with each other and one kept coming right up to the glass and growling.  The chimps were having a blast swinging from one rope to another.  We saw a kangaroo carrying a joey in her pouch.  It was a really hot day but we still had a great time.  Thursday night we went out to eat with a few of my parents’ friends.  It turned out to be a little stressful because the kids had taken a very short nap and the food took forever to get there. 

Friday we did a little more shopping in the morning.  It rained a lot of the day so we stayed close to home.  It did clear up and we had a group of my parents’ friends over for a cookout that evening.  The neighbor let us borrow the log cabin playhouse again and the kids had a blast.

Saturday morning we did more shopping around town.  After the kids got up from their nap we let them play in the little pool and sprinkler in the backyard.  They all had fun out there.  Papa was feeling crazy and let them all drench him with water from the pool.  He was still dressed in his golf clothes.  The kids sure thought it was fun. 

Yesterday we went to the pool in my parents’ neighborhood.  Hayley and Rylee are like fish.   My kids had fun but they hardly ever get to go to a pool so they aren’t nearly as comfortable.  Lindy went under the water a couple times in the baby pool, not by choice.  We actually dunked Will a few times in the big pool.  Since they are just now getting to where they don’t aspirate thin liquids, I’m just now comfortable with the thought of them swallowing pool water.  Rylee let us borrow her floaties for a little bit and Will really liked them.  Lindy wasn’t such a fan of them.  They did like ‘jumping’ off the edge of the pool, although neither would ever really jump. 

We loved getting to see my sister’s family.  My sister has lost 30+ pounds since January and looks awesome.  She has done an amazing job of watching what she eats and exercising.  We loved playing with Hayley and Rylee.  Rylee is the funniest little thing ever.  She makes the craziest faces.  Will thought she was so funny.  He was laughing at her all week.  Except when Rylee would steal his ball and they’d get in a fight over it.  He didn’t think she was so funny then! 

The kids did okay while we were gone.  They slept okay.  They woke up more often during the night than normal but they slept in their own pack-n-plays all night.  Lindy did throw up chocolate cake on my parents’ light tan carpet last night.  What a joy to walk in at 11pm and find that.  Instead of going to bed we were scrubbing the floor.   I was not very happy.  She was crying some but I never heard her doing her gagging thing so it caught me off guard. 

Something is definitely going on with Willy Boy.  I think being away from us for a week, the new house,  and the new nursery at church have all caught up with him.  He has turned into the biggest mama’s boy ever.   He would allow my mom to do things with him this week, but he wanted little to do with my sister, Hayley, Lee, or my dad.  I couldn’t even go to the bathroom by myself.  He pitched a huge fit one time when I asked my sister to take him downstairs.   My mom, sister, and I went out two times by ourselves to run an errand and from what I hear he cried while I was gone.  What a horrible time for him to become attached to my hip.  He is starting preschool this year and I hadn’t really been worried about it before the last two weeks.  Now I know exactly what it will be like.  It will be me dropping off my screaming child.  Sounds like fun huh?   Maybe he’ll become readjusted to life in the next 1.5 months.  A girl can dream!

It’s been great spending so much time with my parents.  We love all the help they have been to us.  My dad did tons of work around our house.  I appreciate all my mom does with the kids.  I couldn’t do it all by myself and she never seems to mind. She’s a great mom and nana. 

We are definitely back to reality this week. Lindy has 5 appointments/therapies the rest of the week.  Enjoy a few pictures from our time in Ohio.  I kidnapped my sister’s camera and used it all week.  I should have stolen it and brought it home with me!

Hayley was conducting school in the den.  I hear Lindy passed her math test with flying colors!IMG_3515Playing with Big Wheels for the first time ever.  Lindy giving her cousin Rylee a lift.IMG_3534  We went to the beach in Ohio.  My parents live a couple blocks off Lake Erie.  They have these state parks with ‘beaches’ and boy were they packed on the really hot days they had last week.IMG_3565The Zoo!IMG_3571  IMG_3578 The koala bears were both snuggling their babies.IMG_3579 Cooling off in the mist.IMG_3589 IMG_3608 IMG_3631 An attempt at a family shot.IMG_3681 Getting sleepy after a long hard day at the zoo.IMG_3705 IMG_3727 IMG_3648 Nana and her grandkids.IMG_3784 IMG_3797 Lindy discovered what an Ipod is and seemed to love it.IMG_3819 Attempting self portrait of seven people is tough, but fun!IMG_3845 It was interesting being in Cleveland this week during the big LeBron James decision.  I made an ode to LeBron on my blueberry pie.IMG_3854 Cousins playing in the bubbles.IMG_3911 IMG_3927 Getting Papa wet!IMG_3954 IMG_3957 Trying out the floaties at the pool.  Real men wear pink.IMG_3993 IMG_3999 This girl is crazy!IMG_3976 Amy had a little birthday party for the kids and they got to open presents from the Beavers.IMG_4029 Will got lots of cool Thomas things and Lindy got these neat snap on clothes dress up dolls.IMG_4039 IMG_4052

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Anonymous said...

Love the pictures. I don't know how far you are away from Columbia, SC but they have a great zoo also. You can get up close with the animals there too. It is the Riverbanks Zoo. Anna also has a click on clothes doll but it is Abby Cadabby from Sesame Street. Girls love their dolls.