Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Mother’s Day, Dada!

Happy Father’s Day ,Drew!  Will was very confused this morning. I kept trying to get them to say Happy Father’s Day, Dada.  He would say, “Happy Mother’s Day, Dada” and he even threw in some “Happy Birthday, Callie’s” in there.  He’d eventually say Happy Father’s Day but he was confused about it! 

I feel bad for Drew today.  His Father’s Day has been completely overshadowed by the fact that it was our last Sunday at Palmyra UMC.   It’s been a very emotional day for everyone.  After a teary goodbye at Palmyra we loaded up the kids and we drove down to Charlotte.  The kids are going to be spending a few days at Mimo and Aunt Anna’s house while we actually move.  Mimo is bringing them back to the new house on Thursday and we will have their room hopefully set up for them.  That’s the plan anyway. 

Drew is the best daddy in the world.  He helps out 100% with the kids.  I couldn’t ask for a better baby daddy.  The kids love playing with him and wrestling with him.  Their heartiest laughs come when he is playing with them. 

I also want to say Happy Father’s Day to my dad and to Drew’s dad.  I think Drew and I can say we have the best dads ever.  They are both so helpful to us in so many aspects of our lives. 

We have been busy packing this week.  Lindy has also had a handful of appointments.  Monday we had vision therapy with Leslie.  Lindy showed Leslie how she can sort and match colors.  She can’t name them yet but she at least knows the difference between them.   Tuesday we had an appointment with her ENT.  She is doing well with everything.  Her ears are all cleared up from her ear infections last month.  He was pleased that she is weaning nicely with the thickened liquids.  We talked about her vocal cord paralysis.  They have just recently done a procedure on a 3 year old with vocal cord paralysis.  The kid was the youngest person to ever have it done, anywhere.  It’s pretty cutting edge stuff for little kids.  We talked about it and decided to wait one year.  Lindy is just now starting to talk a lot. We  want to give her a chance before we do anything.  We also want to see how she does in a classroom.  There is a good chance we’ll being doing something next summer, but we’ll wait and see right now! 

Wednesday morning both kids had speech therapy.  Drew and his dad were moving some boxes up from the basement which turned out to be a little distracting so we ended up moving therapy to our bedroom.  Probably a first for the therapist but it was better for the kids.  Lindy is pretty consistently repeating 3-4 word phrases these days.  She even spontaneously says some 3-4 word phrases.  She really is repeating us a ton.  It’s so fun to hear her talk!  She’s come so far!  Wednesday afternoon we had hearing with Chris.  Lindy messed around a little bit but she was talking a lot, which she sometimes doesn’t do for Chris. 

Besides all the appointments, the kids had fun playing with some babysitters this week.  A couple girls from church, Jennifer and Julie, watched them on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.  They got to play with Janice all day Friday.  I really needed help with them this week so we could clean the new house and get packed up.  I couldn’t have done it without their help this week.  Janice even helped pack up the kitchen which was such a big help.

I don’t think the kids understand what is going on.  They have enjoyed playing with the boxes around the house.  Friday we had 5 guys and a trailer come move the swing set to the new house.  Thank goodness for Mike (Janice’s husband!) for coordinating the entire thing.  It was so much better than having to take it apart.  Will watched them and didn’t really say much.  Later in the day though he looked outside and said something about the ‘swing set at new house.’  We’ve mentioned here and there the new house.  We took the kids by the new house on Sat. night and said this was our new house but I’m sure they don’t get it. 

Last night was kind of sad for me.  I just kept thinking, “This is the last time the kids will…..” take a bath here, sleep here, eat breakfast here, etc.  It’s where we brought our little preemie miracles home to, where we drug Lindy’s oxygen tubing around in, where they love the hill outside by the driveway.  Drew and I have lived in this house longer than either one of us have lived in any other house in our whole lives.  We’ve spent 7 years in this house.  Drew and I both grew up moving because of our fathers’ jobs.  The house and area hold special places in our hearts.  We’ve also spent all but one year of our marriage in this house and area.  We’ve grown up a lot, learned a lot, went through hard times, and we’ve had our Palmyra friends there right beside us. 

We are excited about our new house and Drew’s new church, but saying goodbye is hard to do. 

Playing with dada!DSC_1119   My most prettiest girl ever!DSC_1127 Wednesday evening our church had a goodbye meal for us.  Towards the end someone came in and told us there was a rainbow.  It was so pretty and so BIG!  I couldn’t get the whole thing in one picture.  There was actually a double rainbow but the top one was very faint. DSC_1137 The swing set crew!DSC_1145 Will watched and I’m sure he wondered what in the world they were doing with his swing set!DSC_1149 Playing with boxes!DSC_1153 Telling Janice bye and thanking her for playing with them all day on Friday.DSC_1150 The last night in our house.DSC_1157 DSC_1158The last morning opening the door and finding these two kids in this room at this house.DSC_1161  Happy Father’s Day Drew!DSC_1170 Goodbye house!DSC_1177 Goodbye church!DSC_1181 DSC_1206 DSC_1197 DSC_1200 Goodbye to some very special people, Mike and Janice.DSC_1202 Hello cute kids.DSC_1213 Hello Mimo and Aunt Anna.  Bye Bye Mama and Dada.DSC_1232

I’ll be back next time from a new house.  Wish us luck moving!


Cheryl said...

It's hard to leave your church friends behind. My dad was a minister also. Lucky for us we owned our home and I didn't have leave my friends.

Good Lucky and can't wait to see your new home.

Jack said...

I hope moving doesn't delay the Friday night blog post. Just sayin'..... :)