Thursday, April 1, 2010

Fun Times

We have had a fairly quiet week with appointments but from the pictures I’ve taken the kids have had a good time this week.  The weather turned gorgeous, almost hot today, so we have been outside most every afternoon.

Tuesday morning we had hearing therapy with Chris.  We played with Easter eggs and Lindy did better picking two critical elements. Wednesday morning we had vision therapy with Lesley.  Lesley made the kids the neatest action books.  All the pictures are of Lindy and Will doing things (eating, drinking, swinging, kissing).  Lindy needs practice recognizing pictures like this so they are great.  She also made shakers with the kids and they both really enjoyed it.  Lindy did awesome picking up little beads and putting them in a water bottle.  The kids really have played a lot with these shakers this week.

We played outside a lot this week.  One day we cut back monkey grass and yesterday we put out pine needles.  We have two little helpers when we are working.  The kids have both learned to climb up the ladder on the swing set which is great but makes me nervous!  Yesterday they came in with grass stains and chalk stains and they had a great time.  Mama has to get over the kids getting dirty outside!

Will’s speech has continued to amaze us.  He talks in two word and now three word phrases all the time now.  He is repeating a lot and just surprising us often with words he knows.  It’s just such a crazy transition from just two months ago.  When getting Will to go into his room I often have to count to three.  One day this week Drew told him he was going to count to three and Will said, “One, Two, Three.”  He counted himself! 

I’ve heard of older kids or one kid talking for the other kids and I wonder if that is happening a little with Lindy and Will.  I ask Lindy a question and Will answers.  I ask Lindy to say something and Will says it.  I think that will hurt Lindy as far as her speech goes though.  She needs to get assertive with her voice!

The kids have had lots of runny noses (and drainage for Lindy).  We finally got some Claritin and started both kids on it.  Lindy had a horrible hacking cough in the beginning of the week and that has thankfully gone away.  She has thrown up a couple times too but I’m just sure it’s from the drainage.  I spent one night with her on the couch but she is sleeping better since the cough has gotten better.

Happy Easter weekend!  We are excited to see my parents who are driving down and should be here in a couple hours.

Opening early Easter gifts.DSC_1201 DSC_1203 The Thomas Easter egg train has been a huge hit this week.  DSC_1212DSC_1215 DSC_1207 DSC_1208 DSC_1216 DSC_1218 Will loves his belt and Lindy loves Drew’s watch.DSC_1226DSC_1229Apparently, she was really excited to get Drew’s watch.DSC_1231 Perhaps we have some future Mountaineers on our hands??DSC_1236DSC_1237 Will really can count to three.DSC_1242 Lindy can pretend to count to three.  She knows she is supposed to be doing something with her hands when she is counting!DSC_1247 Playing with the fun new shakers the kids made.DSC_1249 DSC_1251

Happy Easter!

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Jack Greco said...

Awesome pictures! I love how much fun they're having playing with the train! Those are the best smiles!