Sunday, April 18, 2010

Crazy Pollen Week

The pollen around here is ridiculous.  We have started eating dinner outside on our porch most nights now that it has warmed up but every night we have to wipe everything down before we can eat there.  The kids go down their slides and their pants turn yellow.  Enough with it already!

Last Saturday we went to a mission fair in Mayodan and drove around the area while the kids slept.  We ended up in Reidsville and happened upon a free kids concert in a little downtown park.  The kids had both woken up so we stopped.  It was this group called the Learning Station and it was great.  It wasn’t so great that, because of Drew, I ended up on stage dancing, but it was still fun.  The kids were still very sleepy and a little overwhelmed.  They sat in my lap for most of it.  It was a perfect spring day and we had a blast.

The week was a fairly busy week.  We started out bright and early Monday morning with a meeting with the preschool transition specialist.  We met to do some preliminary paperwork for the kids IEP’s.  It’s surreal that we are starting this process.  For one I can’t believe they are old enough to be transitioning to preschool services (at 3) and then I just never imagined having kids that needed IEP’s.  Although I don’t suppose anyone really plans on having kids with IEP’s.  Lindy’s portion of the meeting took three times as long as Will’s.  She has a lot more going on and a lot more therapist reports to look over.  We left feeling pretty good about the meeting though.  Lindy will get a comprehensive, play-based evaluation done on May 5th.  Will is scheduled for the same thing on May 12th, but we have to decide if we really want Will to get the entire evaluation or just a speech evaluation.  And actually he doesn’t even need his speech evaluation because the one he had to get qualified for services is recent enough.  So we have some decisions to make about Will.  Our go to babysitter Janice was here playing with the kids.  I’m so fortunate to have someone I can call last minute who can watch the kids. 

Wednesday our cat, Jack, had his yearly checkup and we found out that he might have glaucoma in one eye.   The pressure was high when she checked it.  We have to go back in four months to have it rechecked.  If he does have it then we have to give him eye drops.  Doesn’t that sound like fun?  Giving a cat eye drops?

Thursday afternoon we had Lindy’s vision teacher here but she brought the vision mobility specialist with her.  She came sometime in 2008 when Lindy was commando crawling and wanted to come back when Lindy was comfortably walking around.  She seemed pretty impressed with Lindy.  She watched her walk all over the house and the yard.  She put toys in the middle of the floor to see how Lindy moved around them.  We told her our only concern with Lindy and mobility is steps.  She knows our house like the back of her hand but she also does completely fine wherever we take her.  We have never seen her act any different in a new place.  We were told that kids can sometimes be hesitant in new places where they are not comfortable and don’t know the surroundings.  Not our Lindy.  We chase her around so she doesn’t break things in other peoples’ houses.  She felt that Lindy will adapt well to wherever she is.  She didn’t think she needed any kind of walking stick to help her out.  The only steps we have at our house are a couple outside.  We decided that they are really large steps and Lindy is really short so she is going to have trouble with them.  She suggested Lindy continue to bump down them instead of trying to walk.  We always love when people come to check Lindy out and she surprises them.  We love to hear people talk about how well she is doing!

Will has found a new favorite book this week.   Chicka Boom Boom Boom as Will calls it (It’s really Chicka Chicka Boom Boom).  That is what he wants to read every night before bed.  The boy loves him some alphabet!  The cutest thing he says is ‘sunglasses.’  Most nights when we put Will on the potty it is right before bath time when he is naked. Last week I decided to put him on it during the day.  We were walking down the hall to the potty and he said, ‘Shirt off.’  I had to tell him that he can leave clothes on to go to the bathroom!

Lindy’s excitement for the week is that she fell backwards off the porch.  Thankfully she was not hurt.  She sure scared her mama though.  I think she was trying to sit in a chair that was nearby and just completely missed it.  I was blowing bubbles and watched her go over.  It’s just 2-3 feet high, but Lindy hitting her head with a shunt just makes me very nervous.  She didn’t even cry for a minute.  She was walking and playing immediately.  I think the azalea bush softened the blow for her.  I was proud of Will though.  I was yelling for Drew who was inside but he couldn’t hear me.  I told Will to open the door and go inside and get daddy.  He did exactly as he was told and went inside and told Drew, “sissy hurt.”  It was awesome that he followed my directions and then even knew what to tell Drew. 

Enjoy some pictures from the week.

At the kids concert in Reidsville.DSC_0328 DSC_0335 Drew on stage (second from the right)DSC_0337 Me on stage (last one on right).DSC_0356 DSC_0361 Little Deacon fans.DSC_0370Little cuties.DSC_0381  DSC_0387We tried out the Color Wonder finger paints and they enjoyed them.  I love that there was no mess involved!DSC_0389DSC_0394  Will told me he drew a rectangle.  Can’t you tell?DSC_0397  Lindy does everything on the potty……except go pee-pee.DSC_0413 DSC_0416 The kids have cheese faces.  At least Lindy’s is a smile.DSC_0434 DSC_0432 We are reading the Very Hungry Caterpillar for Lindy’s hearing therapy.  The caterpillars have descended upon our house again this year so we caught one and we are going to see if we can see it turn into a butterfly.DSC_0455DSC_0456DSC_0458DSC_0464DSC_0450

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