Friday, April 9, 2010

Week After Easter

We have stayed fairly busy this week, even though our therapy appointments were not on our usual days.

Tuesday morning I had another March of Dimes speaking engagement.  Our March of Dimes exciting news this week is that we were in a magazine!  You might be able to click on the article to make it big enough to read.  We were pretty excited to be interviewed and get some good, free publicity for the March of Dimes.MOD Forsyth Family Story 

On Wednesday we had speech therapy for both kids.  It was the first time Lindy has actually had a session.  She was just tested a couple weeks ago.  Because Will likes to talk for Lindy I had to put him in our bedroom with the little DVD player and let him watch his new monkey movie.  This is a definite treat for Will and I don’t even think he knew Lawson was here!  He didn’t make a peep and was a good, quiet boy during Lindy’s session.  Lawson was pleasantly surprised with Lindy.  At first Lawson was trying to get her to imitate some sounds and Lindy wouldn’t.  Later they were playing with Mr. Potato head and Lindy imitating Lawson.  She did better just in the midst of playing.  I think Lindy surprised Lawson by saying many two word phrases. 

After Lindy was done we got Will and he had a great session too.  His speech seriously just amazes us.  To think that about 3 months ago he had maybe 35 words.  Now he talks all the time and says things I had no clue that he knew about.  He can name every letter, count to ten, say all his colors and shapes.  He has just exploded!  Lawson now wants us working on verbs and trying to get him to say ‘I want a snack’ instead of just snack. 

Thursday morning Will had a hearing test.  Because he is enrolled in speech therapy it is required that he have a hearing test to rule out his hearing being the cause of the speech delay.  We had no questions at all about his hearing so we weren’t worried.  He passed with flying colors.  Drew said he even heard the sound at 5 decibels.  The audiologist was actually very impressed by that and said most kids at his age don’t respond to that faint of a sound. 

Thursday afternoon Lindy had hearing therapy.  We worked with the Very Hungry Caterpillar book and did a few different activities with it. 

Today Lindy had physical therapy.  She did very well again.  We worked on climbing up and down stairs.  She tends to go too fast.  She needs a lot more practice on them. 

We have had beautiful weather and have been outside every afternoon.  The pollen has gone crazy this week.  Everything is covered in yellow.  We have been eating outside most nights this week and we just have to wipe everything down each night.  Thankfully it rained last night and washed some of it away.  I’m still giving the kids Claritin and it seems to be working. 

Anyone have any ideas on how to make Lindy stop playing during meals?  She plays with her bowl, plate, spoon, cup, whatever she can find to play with.  She picks up her bowl off her plate and will turn it over and dump it.  One night she dropped her plate off her tray onto the ground.  Feeding her is the one thing that has never gotten easier.  We just wish she’d eat!  It’d take a quarter of the time if she’d just eat and not play so much.  Any suggestions would be great!

Enjoy some pictures of our week.  Both kids have learned to  say ‘cheese’ for pictures.  Not that they both say it at the same time or while both looking at the camera though!

Will decided he likes his rain boots.DSC_0222 Lindy decided she did NOT like her rain boots.DSC_0295Both kids LOVE their sunglasses! DSC_0228 DSC_0231 Playing outside.DSC_0241 DSC_0245 DSC_0247 Funny set of pictures. I ended up having to bribe them with m&m’s and do jumping jacks to get a good picture!DSC_0251 DSC_0252 DSC_0253 DSC_0262 DSC_0257 Finally, they are both looking at the camera and smiling!DSC_0269I love Will’s eyes in this one!DSC_0271DSC_0276DSC_0280   “Mama, why did you just wake me up from my nap?”DSC_0291 Some of the kids’ new pajamas the Easter bunny brought them.  I love when I find matching clothes for them! (They are doing the hand movements for twinkle, twinkle, in the pictures!)DSC_0296 DSC_0305 DSC_0316 Fun with Daddy on the big blue ball before bed (check out that alliteration!).DSC_0309DSC_0313


Allison said...

Your kids are SO cute! I love all of your pics of them. On the topic of Lindy playing at dinner, something I used to do with Maggie was put her bowl on the table or wherever and give her ONE piece of whatever it was that we were eating. When she ate that, then I'd give her another one. That way she was still sort of feeding herself (and thought she was a big girl!) but she wasn't making a giant mess all over the kitchen.

Amanda said...

I can't believe he can name every letter, count to 10, and knows his shapes and colors - -- wish you were here to teach my Emma all of those things!