Sunday, April 25, 2010


We had a crazy week!  It’s been awhile since we’ve had this many appointments. 

Monday started off with Lindy having an appointment with her orthopedist.  It was a follow-up visit from six months ago.  Dr. Kat was very impressed with Lindy.  She is doing everything she hoped she would and she didn’t feel any tightness in her ankles.  Our PT is thinking of going to a short brace for her right side and Dr. Kat was fine with that.  She said she usually sees little kids that are growing every six months but she was going to just see Lindy in a year!  We love when she’s doing so well we get put off for a year!   After the orthopedist appointment Lindy had a routine hearing test.  Lindy was actually very much like a 2 year old and wouldn’t cooperate very much.  I’m not sure if they got any info on her.  Her hearing test 3 months ago was stable and we have nothing to make us think it’s changed.  We actually left her hearing aides and they are going to send them into Phonak to be checked out.  We have had little issues here and there with them.  Once the hearing aids come back they are going to put her FM system on.  This will give us a chance to get used to the FM system this summer and she’ll be all ready for preschool in the fall.

Tuesday we were up bright and early and back in town for Lindy's regular physical therapy appointment.  The PT was going to try the short brace on her but I forgot them.  Lindy climbed up a wall and had a great time doing it.  She seriously climbed up about a 10 foot wall.  Heather said she’d never had someone so young climb the entire wall.  Lindy has no fear!  After physical therapy we went  to a routine ophthalmology appointment.  We actually saw one of the residents and she was really nice.  The normal eye doctor is our least favorite doctor.  Dr. Estes checked her out and said that when tracking an object Lindy was starting to use her right eye.  Until now she hasn’t been.  She likes to use her better (left) eye and switches to it whenever she wants to.  It’s good news that she is using her right eye some to track objects!  Lindy would not cooperate at all using the Teller Acuity cards.  We got no info from that.  Again, she was acting like a 2 year old!

Wednesday morning both kids had speech therapy with Lawson.  Chris, our hearing therapist, came to watch and learn.  Everyone was pleased with how much Lindy was repeating and saying.  She said a ton of two word phrases.  I think Lindy has a lot more words than we really know.   Will had his therapy session and did great.  Two weeks ago she told us to work on action words ending in -ing.  We did and he is definitely saying some.  This week she said to work on possessives with him.  He did say one during session so she was pleased.  We are also trying to get him to say longer sentences as well.  His speech still amazes me.  He’s come so far!

Thursday was supposed to be an appointment free day but alas, we ended up at the pediatrician at 4:15pm.  Remember about 2 months ago when Will scared the pants off of us by clutching his side and crying out in pain.  Well he started up again on Thursday.  Around 11am he started whining and saying ‘side hurt.’  Knowing that it turned out to be nothing last time, we decided to try and wait this one out.  He whined off and on until lunch time.  He ate fine but then afterwards starting crying some.  We went outside for awhile and he was fine but when we came in and I changed his diaper he was crying hard.  I was going to rock him but he went to his bed and he said, “Go night-night.”  I put him down and he slept fine for 2 hours.  He woke up crying pretty hard though and he was laying on me and wouldn’t let me put him down.  Finally I’d had enough and called the pediatrician’s office and they got him a late appointment.  Even as we were walking out the door Will was crying but by the time we drove 30 minutes, he was fine.  We had to wait a good 40 minutes to see the doctor and he was acting completely normal by the time we saw her.  She agreed that because he had intestinal surgery, his belly will always be an issue.   They couldn’t find anything this time either.  So weird!  I really hope this doesn’t happen every 2 months.  He’s been fine ever since so who knows. 

Friday we went into town and ran some errands and went to Wake Forest and walked around campus.  The kids had a great time running all around the quads.  We ate dinner Friday night at IHOP with a Sunday school class from our church.  We love IHOP because kids eat free!

Saturday afternoon we had some friends come from Charlotte.  Matt and Drew have known each other since middle school.  Matt and Martha dated in high school and Drew was good friends with them.  They have two kids, Liam (5) and Clara (less than 2 months younger than L&W).We took them to a local restaurant, the Hillbilly Hideaway, for dinner and came back and put all the kids to bed.  It was great catching up.  We all went to church and lunch today and they headed back to Charlotte.  Will talked about his ‘new friends’ all day yesterday.  He called them Clara and Im.  Clara might be the only other kid on the planet that is the same size as Lindy and Will.  They are all tiny for their age! 

I didn’t take many pictures this week since we were so busy.  Here are a few of the ones I did take. 

DSC_0555   Will being silly.DSC_0562 I’ve been drying Lindy’s hair and I think it looks so cute!DSC_0567 A little sip after waking up from a nap.DSC_0573 Church outfits today.DSC_0574 DSC_0579 Lindy and ClaraDSC_0582 New friends!  Will, Lindy, Clara and LiamDSC_0586 Lindy LOVES talking on the phone!DSC_0592 Will kept saying, ‘Pee-u’ and that Sissy stinks.  Even though he was the one who actually stank.  DSC_0594

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