Friday, July 10, 2009

Wild Animals

Wow, how my Friday nights have changed. I used to go out and have fun on Fridays. Now I write blog posts on Friday nights!

We only had appointments on Tuesday this week. We have had some fun as well. I'll start my post with yet another wild animal we saw this week. We have had a crazy summer seeing dead birds, mice, lizards, and dead deer around our house. On Monday we saw a coyote in the field across the street. A little too close for comfort! We saw him 3 times on Monday but haven't seen him since.

Monday was also the big day for Lindy (see the post below). She decided she could stand by herself! How fun to see her standing and not holding onto anything. Then we got her taking a few more steps that day as well! She would stand up, fall down, stand up, fall down, over and over.

Tuesday morning she had a physical therapy visit to pick up her new brace. I had to take Will with me but he did well. He sat in the stroller for an hour, eating his snack and just watching all the kids in the therapy room. Lindy got her brace and she was able to show Heather her new found standing skills. She even took a couple more steps for Heather to see! After PT we had to go and order Lindy new glasses. She has almost broken the indestructible frames she has. The ones they told us wouldn't break. Well they are about as close to breaking as possible. We ordered her the same frames because we don't feel she is ready for 'real glasses.' She still doesn't like to wear them and throws them off a lot. She pulls and throws them all day. They'll hopefully be in next week.

Wednesday turned into a great family day for us. Drew had to go into town so we rode with him. We ended up checking out Salem Lake. They had a cute little pier we walked out on. We just explored a bit since we had never been there. We picked up lunch and then headed to Wake Forest and found a great little shady spot and had lunch. We walked around campus a little bit and headed home. We had such a good day, even though Lindy decided the 30 minute car ride home was her entire nap for the day.

Speaking of glasses, Lindy has recently become interested in trying to get her glasses back on her head. After she pulls them off. On Wednesday when we were eating lunch at Wake, she actually managed to get them back on by herself a couple times. It would be great if she really learns to put them back on. Of course, she could also just learn to leave them on!

Will has been chilling this week. I had to wake the kids up Tuesday morning to get them up and out the door to PT and he did not want to get up! He was a mad little camper for awhile there! Breakfast made things all better. The cutest thing Will has started doing this week is that he has started giving pink bellies. We give them to the kids all the time and he started giving them in return this week. Well, he doesn't actually blow like a real pink belly but he will lift your shirt and put his lips on your belly. He has also started sharing his milk with Lindy. What a sweet boy. Except that I'd much rather he drink it. I figured out that he is imitating us since we are always sticking a milk cup in someone's mouth! He has also started plopping down on his bottom quite a bit. Whenever Lindy stands by herself we clap and praise her. Most of the time it's after she has fallen on her bottom. Will must think we are praising her for falling on her bottom because he has started falling on his bottom a lot! It's so funny to figure out how their little minds work!

Hope you had a great week. Here are my latest pictures.

Sweet Lindy
"Look Ma, no hands!"A cool picture of one of our hummingbirds.
The little pier at Salem Lake.

Lindy stealing Will's snack (even though she had her own in her hand!)
Trying to get her glasses back on.
Success! She got them on for the first time ever! Albeit a little crooked!
Sweet boy exploring at Wake Forest.

"Head" (Shoulders, Knees, and Toes...)

Will sharing his milk.
"Since you can stand up now, we can kiss standing up!"
Lindy practicing her standing skills!
Enjoying a little tricycle ride this evening after dinner.
A meeting of the trikes.


Mimo said...

Too cute - the babies, not the wild animals. We need a picture of Will giving pink bellies!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jamie,
Your babies are truly miracles! I check in on your blog ~ once a week.